Senior citizens get guaranteed income with high returns in these four saving schemes

New Delhi. Senior Citizens’ Banks in India with reduced interest rates are worried. He has suffered the most from this. although, interest Rates In Lack Of cause many Banks has Senior The citizens Of for Special FD Schemes Drove, In which them Mango The people Of Compared 1 percent By more Interest Offer did Gone. Its Despite SBI like country Of Top Bank 5 From 10 year By Of FD On Senior Citizens To 6.2% interest Offer Tax are Huh. That is how the post should be seen Office (Post office) Of Small Saving Schemes (Small saving scheme) In Senior Citizens To Little more interest Get is. Let’s go Today We you Senior Citizens Of for As such 4 Saving Schemes Of About In tell Go are Huh that Hi Return Of with Guaranteed Income Gives Huh.

Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS)

Senior Citizen Saving The scheme (SCSS) Such Plan is, where Senior Citizens To Yearly 7.4% interest Get is. this Saving The scheme Of Period 5 year is, Whom If Wish to Tae ahead 3 year Of for And Enhanced Go can is. SCSS In Senior Citizen Maximum 15 lakh Rupees By Investment Tax Can Huh. this The scheme Those Senior Citizens Of for is, that Ours Investment On more Return Want Huh.

this The scheme In interest Of payment every Quarter i.e Quarterly (quarterly) Basis On did go is. Its Apart from Income Tax Act Of Section 80C Of Under Senior Citizen Saving The scheme In Investment On 1.5 lakh Rupees By Of Tax deduction Claim Tax Can Huh. this Government By Drove Know Wali small Savings Plan is.

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Bank Fixed Deposits (FDs)

country Of approximately All The big Bank Senior Citizen Of for Senior Citizens Special FD The scheme (Senior citizens special FD scheme) walked are Huh. this To plan Of Special talk this is That Its Under Senior Citizens To Fixed Deposit (FD) On Mango Compared to subscribers One Percent more Interest are given. Bank Fixed Deposit (Bank fixed deposits) Senior Citizens Of for always From Investment Of from all The good The choices In From One Stayed is. Bank FD In Senior Citizens To every Month, every Quarter, Half yearly or Yearly base On interest Taking Of the option Get is.

SBI, HDFC And ICICI like many Bank 30 June 2021 By Senior Citizens Of for Special FD The scheme walked are Huh. many The small Bank Senior Citizens To Bank FD On 7% By interest Offer Tax are Huh. although, The big Bank 6.2% From 6.5% interest Offer Tax are Huh. Senior Citizens Wish to so 5 From 10 year By Of FD Do Can Huh.

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Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana (PMVVY)

Prime minister the expense prayer Plan (PMVVY) Life Insurance Corporation (LIC) By Senior The citizens Of for Drove Know The one Retirement Less Pension Plan is. Sr. Citizen this Plan Of Benefit 31 March, 2023 By picking Can Huh. this The scheme In Sr. Citizens To 7.40% Yearly Interest rate From Pension Get is, Whose payment every Month Would is. his Period 10 year is.

Post Office Monthly Income Scheme (POMIS)

Post Office Monthly Income The scheme (Apple) 5 year Of Period Wali Monthly Income The scheme is. this Plan In One times Investment To do Of after The whole 5 year i.e Maturity By One Only rate From Interest Get Lasts is. now this Plan In Senior Citizens To 6.6% Yearly Interest The mill Stayed is.

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