Your child also makes his mouth after seeing food? Then this can be an eating disorder

If your child eats less food, does not eat at one time, makes excuses not to eat, hides food or is concerned about his looks and weight. So do not ignore this thing, because it can be nothing else, Eating disorder. Eating disorder can also prove to be very dangerous at times because it causes many more diseases. Well, eating disorder can happen at any age, but this problem is seen more in teenagers. Come, let us know more about it so that you can help your child in saving it from this problem.

These reasons can be due to eating disorder

Eating disorder There can be many reasons, but the reasons which are seen more are the reasons of the child being fat, more lean, desire to look slim, not satisfied with his looks, body shaming, passion for going to gym and many more reasons. Can occur. Which can cause many mental and physical problems with anxiety and depression.

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Eating disorder can be identified with these symptoms

By monitoring your child’s activity, you can identify its symptoms. Symptoms to be seen during an eating disorder include being stressed about your looks, worrying about weight, looking at yourself in the mirror several times, talking about your figure frequently, eating less, eating There are many other symptoms such as throwing or throwing away, making mouthfuls while eating, delaying periods, spending more time in the gym.

This is how to protect your child from eating disorder

Parents should take care of some things to overcome the eating disorder in the child. Regardless of your child’s looks and health, tell them better. Explain to him that he is as good as he is because every person’s body shape and looks are different. Never criticize yourself or anyone else in front of the child. Keep talking to the children and understand the feelings inside them. If someone says something wrong to the child, then teach him how to deal with such a situation. Also tell the child what is the importance of food and what may be the problem in the event of not eating food.

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What is the treatment of eating disorder

Most parents ignore the habit of making mouth after eating, which is not right. Do not ignore eating disorder to improve your child’s mental and physical health. See your child to the doctor and get him treated properly so that your baby can get well soon. Doctors help many types of psychotherapy to get rid of this problem as well as give many medicines which help in removing the child from eating disorder. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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