EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Javed Jaffrey speaks openly on reality dance shows from nepotism in Bollywood

New Delhi. Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan’s film ‘Coolie No. 1’ will be shown on Zee Cinema on April 25 from 12 noon. At the same time, the veteran actor of Bollywood in this film Javed Jaffrey Is also in an important role. From the 1985 film ‘Meri Jung’ to the 2020 film ‘Coolie No.1’, Javed Jaffrey, who has been on the big screen for the last 3 decades, in an exclusive conversation with News18 with his film ‘Coolie No 1’, nepotism in Bollywood and Stated my opinion on reality dance shows.

‘Coolie number 1’ is coming on TV, how many are excited about it?
Answering this question, Javed Jaffrey said that he considers television as the real Hindustan. According to him, the real audience is that of television, because through this medium people from all over the country are connected and hence Javed Jaffrey is quite excited by the arrival of ‘Coolie No.1’ on TV.

How was your bonding with Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan during the shoot?In the film, I not only worked with Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan, but also worked with many legends like Rajpal Yadav and Paresh Rawal and my bonding with all of them was very good, especially with David Dhawan. ‘Coolie No.1’ was an old film, which was remastered with today’s time, in which we got success.

If the film ‘Coolie No. 1’ was released in theaters instead of OTT, how much change would have taken place?

See, you get to see the change. If we talk about OTT, then there are limited subscribers. At the same time, if the film was released in theaters, it would reach a maximum audience. When Javed Jaffrey was asked if there would be any difference in the film review in this matter, he said that in today’s time the impact of the film review is not seen much. It has been seen many times that the review of a film is not good, but the film remains a hit at the box office and it has been seen many times that a film has got a good review, but that film does not do anything amazing at the box office. .

What is the difference between ‘Boogie Woogie’ and today’s reality dance shows?
Our show ‘Boogie Woogie’ was not scripted, but today’s reality shows are a bit scripted. When asked how the reality shows of today are connecting with the audience emotionally and showing the real life of a contestant on television, is this correct? On this, he said that to some extent it is fine, and not to some extent. See, many people are affected by their life stories, they are encouraged by it.

Adi Manav’s pair was very much liked … Are you and Arshad Warsi’s pair going to be seen together?
Adi and Manav ie Javed Jaffrey and Arshad Warsi will once again be seen together in every part of the film ‘Dhamaal’. Javed said that the fourth part of this film will definitely come, and viewers will get to see this pair once again.

Is there nepotism in Bollywood or not?
On this question, Javed Jaffrey said that what kind of nepotism and which nepotism… Where does this nepotism word come from, do not understand. He said that if the film runs at the box office, it runs on the strength of Talend and not on the basis of nepotism. If any producer invests crores of rupees in his film, it is obvious that he sees the talent and does the starcast in his film and where is nepotism here? Nepotism can run in politics that not in films… only talent runs here. If an actor’s son becomes an actor, then he is made of his talent, if there is no template in it, then who will see his film.

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