Indian companies give jobs on this formula, know this way to get a good job

New Delhi. Companies in India prioritize their internal systems for hiring. The companies give more jobs to the people working in the internal system i.e. the company, which they recommend. This was revealed in the Future of Talent report, 2021, by professional networking platform LinkedIn.
According to the report, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many important changes have started within the companies, in which it is seen that nine out of 10 companies employ internally or any of the recommendations that come from within the company. The professional networking platform surveyed 500 companies in India, with HR management agreeing that their department is now instrumental in streamlining organizations, strategizing and hiring even more efficiently during Covid-19 Will play the role.
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Sorting rate increased by 1.5 times in India in 2020

The report raised concerns that the layoff rate in India increased by 1.5 times in 2020, as employees had to endure long shifts while working remotely. As the signals of the second wave, India’s remote work requirements have increased. The report suggests that HR will also play a big role in deciding future talent. According to the report, upskilling will be the most important for the talent strategy. Hiring decisions will be taken on the basis of trends like internal mobility and data. Also, in 2021, the focus of companies will be on improving the employee experience.
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Most companies in India will merge in 2021

Ruchi Anand, director of Linkedin India, Talented and Learning Solutions, says, “In 2021, most companies in India will merge, grow their workforce, and hire internally to drive business growth without increasing operational costs. Data- Leading hiring practices will also play a key role in helping companies engage with their employees, attract the right talent, and hire more effectively in 2021. “The report states that seven out of 10 companies in India have an in-house approach or To increase the spirit of progress, hiring takes place on the basis of recommendations from inside the company. In doing so, companies in India see the top three skills, that is good communication, problem solving skills and time management.
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91% of companies use data in talent based hiring
The report also states that in order to keep pace with today’s rapid digitization needs, companies are also eager to enhance the capabilities of their employees, with 95% of companies helping employees learn new skills and prepare for the future Supports the development program to do. Many companies in India today are also focusing on data analytics to tap into relevant talent pools while hiring. Research from Linkedin shows that 91% of companies in India use data for talent-based hiring. While 53% often use data for map skills with open position requirements.
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Merging several roles and hiring for a single post
8 out of 10 (85%) companies in India are already doing more engagement activity to stay connected with their teams despite motivating employees and doing different work. To make remote hiring more efficient, 9 out of 10 companies today are hiring for a single post by merging multiple rolls to reduce talent costs. HR professionals are also encouraging companies to prioritize employee experience and engage their remote employees today.

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