COVID-19 Symptoms in Kids: If children have corona infection, protect them in this way

How to protect a child's corona (credit: shutterstock / FamVeld)

How to protect a child’s corona (credit: shutterstock / FamVeld)

COVID-19 Symptoms in Kids: Fever and symptoms of gastrointeritis are also seen in children suffering from COVID-19. Let’s know the symptoms of Coronavirus in children and how to take care of them ..

COVID-19 Symptoms in Kids: The second wave of Kovid-19 is more dangerous than before. The corona is now spreading rapidly among the common people. Children are also falling prey to this along with elders. In adult people, where there is a lot of disease due to corona, in some children, even after infection, they do not get the disease like the elders and in some, even the symptoms of the corona virus are not seen. However, this second wave is proving to be quite heavy for children as well. Symptoms of fever and gestrointritis are also seen in children suffering from Kovid-19. Health website Mayo Clinic According to let us know the symptoms of corona in children and how to take care of them ..

Symptoms of COVID-19 in children:

Children and adults also experience some similar symptoms in COVID-19, such as feeling sick and cold. Many children recover in one to two weeks. Possible symptoms of corona may include:
Fever or chills

Sore throat
Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing
head ache
Muscle aches or body aches
nausea or vomiting
Diarrhea, loss of appetite
Taste or smell ability phenomenon
stomach pain

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If you feel that your child is showing symptoms of Kovid-19, then call the doctor without delay. Keep your child in one of the rooms of the house and away from the other members of the house. However, except for the medical staff who took care of him. If possible, place the child in a room attached to the bathroom and a separate bathroom for the other members. Follow the instructions given by the CDCR, World Health Organization (WHO) in the context of corona, such as quarantine and isolation.

Nozzle swab test for COVID-19. In which the swab is inserted into the nose. For this, prepare your child mentally in advance so that they do not take much stress at the last moment. In such a situation, when he has a Kovid test, then he will also support in the test.

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