Gold, silver prices rise, check here quickly how expensive. gold silver price rise today on Thursday 15 April Gold Rate Today rs 46748 per 10 gram samp

New Delhi. The price of gold and silver (Gold Silver Rate Today) continues to fluctuate at this time. Today, the price of gold has increased in the bullion market, whereas silver has also become expensive today. On Thursday, gold prices rose by 0.30 percent on Multi Commodity Exchange (MCX), after which the June futures gold price (Gold Price) came down to 46,748 per 10 grams. If we talk about silver, then that too has become expensive today. Silver rose by 0.20 per cent to 67,775 per kg.

New Gold Prices (Gold Price, 15 April 2021) – In the bullion market today, the price of 10 grams of gold has increased by 0.30 percent to Rs 46,748. Spot gold rose 0.2% to $ 1,738.96 an ounce in the international market today.

New Silver Prices (Silver Price, 15 April 2021) – According to information provided by HDFC Securities, silver rose by 0.20 per cent to 67,775 per kg in the bullion market. In the international market, silver rose 0.5% to $ 25.53 per ounce. Among other precious metals, platinum rose 0.5% to $ 1,176.

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(1) You should not blindly trust the prices charged by the jeweler. The reason is that there are many things that affect the final amount. These include the price of gold, the making charge, the value of gems, etc. There is not yet a standard for fixing prices in the country. Therefore, there is a difference in the prices of gold jewelery.

(2) There is no standard way to create an invoice in the country. The billing system is different for each jeweler. Each city has a jewelery association. These associations declare gold prices every morning. Due to this, the rate of gold in each city is different.

(3) This is the formula to fix the price of jewelry
Last Price of Jewelery = Price of Gold (22 Carat or 18 Carat) 3% GST on making + weight i.e. making charge + (Price of Jewelery + Making Charge) in X grams

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In this way, you can check the purity of gold-
If you want to check the purity of gold now, then an app has been made by the government for this. With the ‘BIS Care app’, the customer can check the consumer’s purity (Gold). Through this app, you can not only check the purity of gold but also make any complaint related to it. If the license, registration and hallmark number of the goods are found wrong in this app, then customers can complain immediately. Through this app (Gold), the customer will also get information about filing a complaint immediately.

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