Half-century tour Avadhesh Srivastava’s ‘Apne Apni Duniya’

It is said – ‘Ghar ka jogi jogna, on-gam ka siddha’, something like this has been between senior narrator Awadhesh Shrivastava and me. Avadhesh Srivastava is like an elder brother to me, a friend and a guide, I never saw an author or a storyteller. Yes, as a journalist I have always been convinced of his hold on the film world.

It has been so long since he has read his decades-old story collection ‘Vimal Mehat Secund’ that now his stories have become blurred from the memory board. The drama of ‘Vimal Mehta Secunde’ was staged two years ago. Then the story resurfaced in the world. But Avadhesh Srivastava remained a brother and friend there.

Read his book ‘Apne Apni Duniya’. Through the stories stored in ‘Apne Apni Duniya’, Avadhesh Srivastava got a chance to get familiar with the writer’s world. This story collection has a total of 15 stories, including his first story ‘Mukti Prasang’ (in the darkness of the former name-locked eyelashes), ‘Corrupt Hot Future’.

Avadhesh Shrivastava has always given place to the lower and middle class of the society in his stories. The first story of the collection ‘Ek Thi Anu Di’ is the story of a rebellious girl who speaks for the laborers, the downtrodden and the exploited. Anu’s first rebellion, following her principles, begins with her own family. On breaking her own marriage relationship, Anu says to her friend Vivek, “Vivek, if marriage is a business in this society, then I should be from this business Hate it. It is better to live without marriage. ”

In this discussion, Anu says, “There are so many careerist intellectuals who are surrounded by ambitions, who are only concerned about raising their economic comforts.” They have nothing to do with society and country. ”

In the ‘free context’, there is also the story of Amita, a girl who marries Ajay against her family and society, influenced by arguments like women’s emancipation and equal rights. But later she comes to know about the truth that Ajay’s arguments and speeches were pretended, they have no importance in real life.

“There is no existence of a woman.” He is still a puppet in the hands of men. Through the male, the woman becomes like a lame, who can stumble and fall at any time. ”

The ‘wound’ story depicted the unemployed youth stepping into the world of crime. You will get to read a new topic in the stories ‘Dard ke shadows’, ‘Shrinks’, ‘Nails on the chest’, ‘Atonement’, ‘Childhood’, and ‘Apne Apni Duniya’.

However, much has changed in Awadhesh’s women-centric situations regarding the women presented in these two stories. These stories belong to the 80s. Therefore, through these stories, you can also study the social changes that occurred from 1974 to 2018. Through this shagraha, we can know how much the society has changed during the last 45 years. Yes, during this time the author’s way of writing has not changed at all. Even at that time, he used to pen around issues, arrangements and characters around him without a long wrap, and even today. The hero-heroine of Awadhesh’s stories will find you standing near you.

In these stories, he has given place to the struggle of the lower and middle class man, the unemployment, corruption and exploitation and the movement against corruption. The author does not impose any dreams or thoughts on the reader through his stories. Served as it is. In the story collection, the mistakes of proof are sometimes absent.

Book – Own World
Author- Avadhesh Shrivastava
Publisher- Aman Prakashan, Kanpur
Price – Rs 225 (paper back)

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