If the nose or ears are going to be pierced, then know what to take care of

In our country, the tradition of Nose-Ear Piercing is years old. The tradition of piercing the ears of boys, not only of girls, is also played. Due to which many people get the nose-ears of children pierced at a very young age. For the sake of spraying the nose and ears of children at a young age, there is a tradition for some, then there is also prevention of diseases for some. So many people also sprinkle the nose and ears of children at a young age, so that their work is easy due to their soft skin and they do not have much pain. Speaking of today’s era, it has become fashionable for some people to pierce their nose and ears. Because of which, those women are also seen getting nose and ear piercing, whose nose and ears could not pierce due to any reason in childhood or they were closed after being pierced. Although the age of piercing the nose and ears is any, some problems come in every age. To avoid them, it is important to take care of some of the things mentioned here.

Get a doctor or a veteran

In order to get the nose and ears pierced, many times in the street, locality and colonies also make hawkers. By spraying the nose and ears with these people, the risk of infection is high. Therefore, try to use a doctor to get your nose and ears pierced. If this is not possible, then resort to a goldsmith who has a practice of piercing the nose and ears, which also reduces pain and reduces the risk of infection.

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Choose the right accessories

Many times people buy any metal pin or ring to wear in the nose-ear perforation, which sometimes due to non-suit, a wound-like condition is formed at the place of perforation, causing pus and blood in the nose-ear There is also a problem of coming. Therefore, try to choose a silver or gold pin or ring.

Movement of accessories is also important

Whatever pin or ring is worn in the nose-ear while piercing the nose-ear, most people are afraid to move it due to pain, while it is very important to move it. Although it should not be worn repeatedly, the oil or the perforated part of the nose and ears should be used to keep the pin or ring lightly rotating clockwise and anti clockwise for two to three times a day, this will reduce the problem of nose-ear ripening. At the same time, the place of piercing will open, which will also reduce the possibility of the hole being closed in the event of changing the ring or pin worn.

Clean up to avoid infection

After spraying the nose and ears, many children and young women are afraid to touch their nose and ears due to pain and leave the place like that. While the need to take care of the place of perforation is very much. In summer, there is a high probability of infection due to accumulation of dust, dirt and dirt at the place of perforation and not cleaning the place. So keep cleaning the place of perforation with an antibacterial liquid like Dettol or Sevalon.

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You can also use these household items

By the way, if you get your nose and ears pierced through the doctor, then they will give you suggestions themselves to avoid pain and infection. But if you get a nose-ear sprayed by someone at home or through a goldsmith, you can use turmeric-mustard oil, tea tree oil and lavender oil to avoid pain and infection. Cook two spoons of turmeric in one spoon of mustard oil and apply it on the place of perforation when it is lukewarm, it will also relieve pain and reduce the risk of infection. In addition, mustard, tea tree or lavender oil can also be applied on both sides of the nose and ears two to three times a day.(Disclaimer: this Article In Given Has gone Information And Notifications Normal Beliefs On Based on Huh. Not news18 Their Confirmation No Does is. In On Execution To do From first Related specialist From Contact Do the.)

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