If you do not drink blue tea, then definitely try, it is also special for health along with taste, the way to make life is also amazing health benefits of blue tea

Blue Tea Benefits : Everyone has heard about black tea and red tea, have you ever heard of blue tea? Yes, blue tea is very popular these days. This tea is so beautiful in appearance that everyone feels like taking a sip of it once. Actually, this tea is prepared from the flowers of Aparajita Flower, which is considered to be very good for the patients of diabetes. Many people also know this flower by the name of Shankhapushpi. This tea is beneficial for health in many ways. So let’s know how this tea is made and what are its benefits.

What is the way to make blue tea

To make it, first heat 1 cup of water in the pan. When the water is lukewarm, add 4 to 5 Aparajita flowers and let it boil well. Now turn off the gas, add a teaspoon of honey to this tea and serve hot.

Benefits of drinking blue tea1.Body Detox

Blue tea is found in plenty of antioxidants, which boosts immunity and also makes skin and hair beautiful. It is very effective in flushing out the toxins present in the body.

2. Works like an energy booster

The anti-oxidants present in it and its great aroma helps in keeping the body energetic throughout the day. If you start the day with a cup of blue tea, then you will not feel tired throughout the day.

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3. Control the sugar

By consuming a cup of blue tea, your blood sugar level remains under control, so that you can avoid diabetes.

4.Angency and depression

The amino acids present in blue tea are extremely beneficial for health. Depression and anxiety can be reduced with its regular intake. Not only this, it is also very helpful in removing stress.

5. Heart-warming

If regular consumption of blue tea is taken, it controls bad cholesterol. It also keeps blood circulation fine, which keeps many heart diseases away.

6. Reduced weight

You can use this tea in the morning for weight loss. For this, drink a cup of blue tea on an empty stomach in the morning, you will find that your weight is decreasing in a few days. This tea is very beneficial in burning fat. Hunger is also reduced by taking blue tea daily.
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7. Beneficial in periods

This tea is of great use for women who do not have periods regularly and are troubled by irregular periods.

8. Increase eyesight

The eyesight can increase with the consumption of this tea. If children have got glasses, then they should also drink it. Along with this, it also works to reduce fatigue, irritation and swelling of the eyes.

9. Reduces wrinkles

If you include this tea in your daily routine, drinking blue tea can reduce facial wrinkles. One can also get rid of fine lines and aging marks on the face. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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