Indian Railways: Railways increased the number of trains, reservation will start for these trains from 3 o’clock today, check full details

New Delhi. Indian Railways is continuously increasing the number of trains for the convenience of passengers. Railways have continuously increased their train services to take the crowd of migrant workers from big cities to their hometowns to reach their destination. So that passengers can get maximum travel options. In view of the number of passengers, the Central Railway has decided to run additional special trains. Booking of these trains will start at 3 pm today.

Booking will start from 3 pm today
If you also want to make reservations in these trains run by the railways, then their booking is starting from 3 pm today.

These trains will run from 16.4.2021 to 30.4.2021Train number – 01315 Solapur – Prayagraj Junction Special train

Departure will run every Friday and Monday from 16.4.2021 to 30.4.2021 at 21.00.

Train Number – 01453 Pune – Gorakhpur Special Train
Departure dated 20.20 hrs 16.4.2021, 23.4.2021 and 30.4.2021

The Central Railway tweeted and said, ‘Passengers please take note’ Do not panic, trains will continue to run. ‘ It is also clarified to the people that the declared regular and special trains of long distance will continue to run.

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The Railway Board issued a statement on Wednesday, saying, ‘Summer special trains are being run continuously. It is also made clear to the people that the declared regular and special trains of long distance will continue to run, only boarding passengers in confirmed tickets are allowed to follow the rules and norms of Kovid-19 in all these special trains.

90 minutes before the arrival of the station – The railway said, ‘People are requested not to panic and do not crowd the stations, only reach the station only 90 minutes before. The railway waiting list is constantly under watch. Additional special trains will be run as required.

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