Know which things need to be cleaned daily in the era of Corona

Cleaning kitchen slabs is essential daily - Image credit / pexels-cottonbro

Cleaning kitchen slabs is essential daily – Image credit / pexels-cottonbro

There are many things in the kitchen that are used many times a day. It is not necessary that you have washed your hands every time before touching them. Therefore, cleaning of these things in the kitchen is necessary daily.

Cleaning is a very important thing in every round and if the round is of Corona (Covid-19), then it becomes more important many times. Therefore, like everything else in the house, some things present in the kitchen must be cleaned daily or every other day. Come, let us know what are the things in the kitchen which are very important for cleaning.

The sink

Many people wash dishes in the sink, but do not specifically clean the sink. They feel that the sink also gets cleaned while washing the utensils. But the cleaning of the sink must be done on a daily basis. Many people wash vegetables and fruits in the sink along with the utensils, many times they wash their hands as well, due to which there is more possibility of germs in the sink.

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Along with cooking on the kitchen slab, many types of items are also required. Ration packets, vegetables and fruits are also often kept on slabs. Due to this, the risk of getting dirt along with the dirt on the slab also increases. It should be cleaned regularly.

The fridge

Whether it is cooked food or vegetables, fruits and milk-curd or bottles of sorbet and cold drinks, it is necessary to keep all the things in the refrigerator. In such a situation, to remove water and ice with these things, it is necessary to touch the fridge many times. The germs can reach the refrigerator either by one’s hand or through a packet and bottle. Therefore, cleaning the inside and outside of the fridge is very important.

Kitchen cloth

While working in the kitchen, whether you want to wipe any utensils or hands, or any other kitchen items. Kitchen cloth is used many times during the day. If you want this cloth to be as clean as it is visible, if it is not cleaned daily by washing, then the chances of getting germs in it also increases.

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Even though dustbin is of kitchen and you always use polythene in it to add garbage. Yet the need to clean the dustbin daily is very high. Because you put milk-yogurt packets, polythene, leftovers, fruits and vegetable peels or any other garbage in it, the chances of getting many germs which are not visible in dustbin also increases. Therefore, it is important to clean it even after throwing garbage with polythene.

salt shaker

Namdani needs to be applied several times a day. Not only eating food, we often use salt while consuming fruits, curd and buttermilk and it is not necessary that our hands are washed every time. Along with this, guests who have come to eat from outside also use it. Therefore, cleaning of salt bed should be done every other day.

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