Now you can do body polishing at home, skin will do extra glow how to do body polishing at home for glowing skin

Usually we take care of our face and hands but do not even try to enhance the beauty of other parts of the body. But if you are among those people who want to make every part of their body beautiful and glowing, then body polishing is a great option for you. With this help, dead skin of all parts of the body can be got rid of. Body polishing is a beauty treatment that enhances the skin of your body. Although they are very expensive in the treatment parlor. In such a situation, if you want, you can do it easily at home as well. There are many benefits of body polishing at home. It is not only very safe for the skin, but it also helps in getting instant glow in the skin of your body. If you are thinking of attending an event and are planning to wear deep neck dress or shot dress, then try this treatment. Let’s know how body polishing is done.

How body polishing is done

During body polishing, the whole body is scrubbed to remove dead skin. These scrubs are applied all over the body and left to dry for 15 minutes. After this, they are gently rubbed with light wet hands and they are removed. After this, the body is cleaned and a glow pack is applied. After drying for 15 minutes, it is washed and wiped, and finally a body oil is massaged in a body oiler. With this method, the dead skin of the skin is removed, which shows instant glue in the skin. Not only this, tanning on the skin can also be reduced by this method.

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What are its advantages

-Body polishing removes dead skin all over the body and the tanning disappears, which makes the skin look soft and soft.

Massage is very important in this treatment, due to which the body relaxes and the mind is also stress free.

– By body polishing, the stains of the skin gradually reduce and the healing speed of the skin increases.

Body polishing makes the entire body skin look the same.

Do body polishing like this at home

First method

Take two teaspoons of Badam oil in a bowl and add one teaspoon of turmeric powder. Apply it on the whole body and massage it. Now make a paste by adding a teaspoon of rice flour or gram flour and apply it on the entire body like a scrub. Do this process for 15 minutes and take a shower. Your skin will look bright.

Second method

Add brown sugar in two teaspoons of olive oil in two teaspoons of olive oil. Add a teaspoon of oatmeal to it. Now apply this mixture all over the body and scrub with light hands. Wash the body after 10 minutes.
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Third method

In a bowl, mix two teaspoons of curd, cream, rose water, oatmeal powder, jojoba oil and scrub the body with this paste. Wash after 15 minutes.

Fourth method

Take 5 tablespoons of fine salt in a bowl and add the same amount of honey and 10 drops of tea tree oil. Mix two spoons of aloe vera gel in this mixture. Apply this mixture on the entire body and massage it with light hands for 15 minutes. Now wash it. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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