Summer special train will run between Gorakhpur to Pune, journey will not be done without reservation, know when it will start?

New Delhi. Keeping in mind the convenience of railway passengers, the railways has decided to operate a summer special train between Pune-Gorakhpur. It will be mandatory for the passengers to comply with the Kovid-19 standards while traveling in the train. All coaches of this train will be of reserved category. Train will be operated in both directions as per schedule.

According to Northeast Railway spokesperson Pankaj Kumar Singh, 01443/01444 Pune-Gorakhpur-Pune Summer Special train will be operated from Pune on April 19, 23 and 27 and from Gorakhpur on April 17, 21 and 24, in view of the convenience of passengers. However, the train has started from Pune on 15 April.

According to the spokesperson, 01443 Pune-Gorakhpur Summer Special train departed from Pune at 21.30 on April 19, 23 and 27 at 22.35 hrs from Daund Card Line, 00.05 hrs from Ahmednagar on second day, 03.10 hrs from Manmad, 06.10 hrs from Bhusaval, 09.40 from Khandwa. At 12.10 am from Itarsi, 14.00 hrs from Bhopal, 16.00 hrs from Bina, 18.35 hrs from Jhansi, 23.20 hrs from Kanpur Central, 01.25 hrs from Lucknow, 03.45 hrs from Gonda and 05.05 hrs from Basti and will reach Gorakhpur at 06.35 hrs.

On the return journey, 01444 Gorakhpur-Pune Summer Special train departed from Gorakhpur at 21.15 hrs on 22nd, 21 and 24th April, 22.25 hrs from Basti, 00.10 hrs from Gonda on second day, 03.00 hrs from Lucknow, 05.05 hrs from Kanpur Central, Jhansi 10.05 am, 12.35 hrs from Bina, 14.35 hrs from Bhopal, 16.25 hrs from Itarsi, 19.33 hrs from Khandwa, 21.35 hrs from Bhusaval, 00.15 hrs from Manmad on third day, 03.10 hrs from Ahmednagar and 04.55 hrs from Daund card line Pune Pune at 06.25 hrs A total of 21 coaches, including 10 sleeper class, 07 ordinary second class, 02 air-conditioned third class, and 02 SLRD coaches will be installed in this special train.

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