Your 5 habits that can make you sick

Every day you eat healthy food, exercise, eat fruits and vegetables, protein, multigrain, etc. also included in the diet, but despite all these, if you continue to fall ill, the reason is because of you. There may be some habits, due to which your immunity is becoming weaker rather than stronger. Here you are being told those habits of your life style which if you leave today, you can save yourself from many diseases. Know what those habits are.

1. Drink more water than necessary

We have always heard that drinking water is good for health. If you drink plenty of water, then your body will have many problems. But if you drink too much water in this round, then it also causes harm to the body. Not only this, it can also become the cause of many diseases.

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2. Eating more than necessary

If you eat more than you need in the cycle of staying healthy, then this habit of yours can also be harmful for your body. Eat less and try that whatever they eat, they fulfill the deficiency of nutrients in the body. Include such things in the diet which are high in vitamins and protein. Eating more food can be harmful to your health. Always have breakfast healthy, have a light lunch at lunch and have dinner as far as possible with plain and less oil-spices.

3. Daytime sleeping habits

Let me tell you that if you sleep during the day, then this habit becomes the cause of many diseases. Many people have a habit of sleeping two to three hours after lunch which is dangerous. However, it is not harmful if you take a few minutes of nap to erase fatigue after eating.

4. Stay up late at night

If you wake up late at night, it worsens your sleeping pattern and awakening throughout the night worsens the body circle, causing you to suffer from many diseases. Due to the deteriorating sleeping pattern, your immunity is down and you can immediately come in the grip of cough, cold, fever etc.
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5. Do not wash hands

There are always many bacteria on your skin which if you go in the stomach, then diarrhea causes food poisoning. But if you eat your hands thoroughly with soap for 30 seconds before eating, then you are saved from many diseases. Not only this, if you keep your hands clean with soap several times throughout the day, then your eyes, nose etc. also do not come in contact with bacteria quickly. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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