Get rid of mouth ulcers with home remedies

These home remedies will provide relief from mouth ulcers.  Image / Shutterstock

These home remedies will provide relief from mouth ulcers. Image / Shutterstock

Many times, mouth ulcers also occur due to digestive problems or constipation, then sometimes it is also due to excessive consumption of spices and oily food and hot foods. Can.

Due to mouth ulcers, where there is difficulty in swallowing food, there is a lot of pain in them. In such a situation it is necessary to remove them. But first it is important to understand why there are blisters in the mouth. In fact, many times, digestive blisters or constipation also cause blisters in the mouth. Apart from this, eating more spicy and oily food at times and consuming more things with hot effects can also cause blisters in the mouth. In such a situation, you can get rid of this problem by adopting some easy and home remedies.

Aloe vera gel will work
You can also remove the ulcers in your mouth with the help of aloe vera gel. For this, apply aloe vera gel on your mouth ulcers. This will cool your mouth. In addition, the blisters will also begin to heal.

Ice will make you feel coldMany times blisters in the mouth also occur due to stomach heat. In such a situation, you can use ice to get rid of them. For this, apply a piece of ice on your tongue with a light hand. When the saliva drips let it drip. This will give you relief.

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Green cardamom will do wonders
You can also use green cardamom to remove your mouth ulcers. For this, finely grind the cardamom seeds and then add a few drops of honey to it. After this, apply this paste on your blisters. This will remove the heat of the mouth and your blisters will start to heal.

Turmeric is useful
Use of turmeric also provides relief in mouth ulcers. For this, boil a little turmeric in water and then gargle with this water in the morning and evening. It will relieve mouth ulcers and pain.

There will be relief from coconut water
While coconut water gives you a feeling of coolness, it can also be useful in relaxing the mouth ulcers. Applying it on the mouth ulcers provides relief in pain and blisters begin to heal.

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Coriander leaves will give comfort
Boil green coriander in water to relax in mouth ulcers. After this, sieve this water and let it cool down when it cools down. This will give relief in mouth ulcers. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned specialist before implementing them)

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