how to grow mint at home

Mint grown in your garden will be something else.  image / Shutterstock

Mint grown in your garden will be something else. image / Shutterstock

Gardening Tips: Mint is very beneficial for health and also maintains digestion. You can easily grow it in your home garden.

Gardening Tips: Hobby of gardening is often completed by people growing many types of plants in their home. Due to this, their hobby is fulfilled, at the same time, many types of fresh vegetables are easily found at home. Also, home grown vegetables are chemical free. This is the reason why people grow different types of vegetables in their kitchen gardens. Among them, garlic, green chillies and greens can be grown easily. At the same time it is also very easy to grow mint. It is very beneficial for health. At the same time, it has been considered very good for Hajme. Although peppermint is easily available in the market, but the matter of peppermint grown in its garden is something else. With the help of these gardening tips, you can also grow it easily in the pot.

Take a big flowerpot
You can also grow mint with the help of its seeds or by planting its plant. It also grows easily in the ground and grows rapidly. If you are growing peppermint in a pot, take a large size pot so that it can flourish easily.

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To sow the seeds in the pot, apply it 3 to 4 inches deep. After this, put soil on it. Also, take care that do not give more water to the mint plant. Give as much water that will help it grow, not that it starts rotting due to excess of water. So keep this in mind and give it water in the morning and evening.

Do not keep in strong sunlight
When planting a mint plant, take care that you do not keep it in strong sunlight. Place its pot in a place where it gets less sunlight. Otherwise it can cause damage due to strong sunlight.

Use natural manure
For the better growth of mint plant, keep composting it from time to time. But if this fertilizer is natural, it will be good. For this, dung, kitchen waste etc. can be used as manure.

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Clear from time to time
The mint plant grows easily in 6-8 weeks. It leaves good leaves on it. You can use them. Although grass etc. has grown around the plant, keep cleaning it from time to time.

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