If you have a headache during the roza, get relief in these ways

Ramadan 2021: Many times during Ramadan, people are often troubled by daily headaches. Especially when you have to face strong sunlight while going out for work or job, or in Ramadan many times, when the sleep is not complete, the problem of headache starts. However, in this case, you cannot take Pain Pill. But there are some other ways that with the help of headache can be overcome during Roza. By the way, the best way to get rid of a headache is to try to relax. Then why not rest for only a few minutes. Apart from this, there are some other effective ways to help you get relief from headache-

Stay away from stress
Urdu Alrabia According to a report by the doctor, by following some methods, you can get relief from daily headaches. Sometimes the main cause of headache can be due to stress due to some reason, so try to stay away from stress. Whatever distance or thing is stressing you, make a distance from it and focus your attention on the other side. This will relieve stress.

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If you feel that your headache is increasing, then immediately close your eyes for a few minutes and leave aside every worry and think of some different and good things with a calm mind. This will help in overcoming stress.

Stay away from the computer screen
Your eye is first affected by stress, which causes headaches. If you are suffering from headache, then stop looking at the screen of computer, laptop and tablet etc. This will increase your headache. So take a break from them.

Bath will give you comfort
If you have a headache, you should stand under the running water and take a bath. You can get comfort from this also. Sometimes lukewarm water is very beneficial. Also a wet towel can be placed above the eyes. It will also provide comfort.

Breathing exercise
Taking a deep breath is a great way to relieve headaches. While sitting in your place, close your eyes and then take a deep breath. Then exhale slowly. Do this about 10 times. After this you will feel relieved yourself.

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This work will also give comfort
Rotate your neck right and left and then rotate it in a circle. Then start moving your shoulders back and forth. Do each exercise 10 times. Its purpose is to relax the muscles, which will also help prevent headaches.

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