Post Office Savings Account: Changes in the rules related to saving account, now you have to pay so much penalty

Post office saving account

Post office saving account

Post Office Savings Account: If your account is also in the post office, then this news is very useful to you. Let us know that the post office has made some changes in the rules related to minimum balance in the savings account.

New Delhi. If you also have a Post Office Savings Account in the post office, then this news is very important for you. Let us know that the Ministry of Finance has made some changes in the charges regarding the minimum account balance. On this, a notification has been issued by the Ministry of Finance on 9 April. According to this notification, the penalty amount has been reduced to half if the minimum balance is not maintained.

Know now how much penalty will be charged
If there was no minimum balance for the post office saving account, a maintenance charge of Rs 100 and GST was levied on it. This amount will be automatically deducted from your accounts. Apart from this, if the account balance is zero, then the account will be closed automatically.

This is the limit of minimum balanceIn the month of December last year, the post office had reduced the minimum balance to 500 rupees. Post Office said in the tweet that under the new rule, customers will be required to keep a minimum balance of Rs 500 in the Post Office Savings Account till December 11.

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4% interest earned annually on savings account
According to the official website of India Post, the annual interest rate on the Post Office Savings Account is 4 percent. Interest is calculated between the 10th of the month and the end of the month based on the minimum balance amount. Customers can open it as per their convenience from any nearest post office.

Rules for opening an account in the post office
The post office savings account can be opened on behalf of a single adult or jointly by two adults (Joint Acount) or a minor on behalf of a guardian. An account can be opened by a minor above 10 years. Only one post office saving account (post office savings account) can be opened by one person. Also, only one account can be opened in the name of a minor or a person without mind. Nominee is required at the time of opening a post office savings account.

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