This is the top four cars in diesel hatchback cars, gives an average of up to 25kmpl.

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In the budget, hatchback diesel cars include hatchback cars from Tata, Ford, Hyundai, which is not only great in appearance but also gives better mileage in addition to power pick up and also does not cost much in maintenance.

New Delhi. The prices of diesel (Diesel) may be increasing on the lines of Petrail, but the prices of diesel cars are not low. Due to performance, there is always a demand for diesel cars. Today we also talk about those hatchback cars in the budget, they also come in diesel and whose average is also 25kmpl Gets up to These include hatchback cars from Tata, Ford, Hyundai, which are not only great in appearance but also do not cost much in terms of power pick up, better mileage and maintenance.

1 – Tata Altroz

Average – 25.11 kmpl

India Of Reliable car the creator company Bye Of Otherwise car Hatchback Segment In from all Reliable Cars In From One is. this car In Bye has 1.5 Liter Of Revotorg The engine gave is. There itself these car 5Speed The manual Transmission On Based on is. Nanny Altroz Of Base Variants Of cost 6 lakh 99 Thousand Rupees is There itself its Top The model 9 lakh 9 Thousand Rupees Of is.

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2 – Ford Figo

Average – 25.5

Talk about the figure of the Ford, it comes with the tdci diesel engine that is 1499 cc. Whose maximum power is [email protected] rpm and maximum torque 215nm @ 1750-2500rpm. It has four cylinders, starting from 5.82 lakhs, priced at 8.37. Goes up to 5 lakhs. It is available in five variants. Its base model is Ambient and the top variant is Titanium Blue.

3 – Hyundai i20 –

Average – 25.11 kmpl

Hatchback Cars In from all more To sell Wali Hyundai Of third-generation i20 from all The best car is. company has this car In 1.5 Liter Of 4 Cylinder The engine gave is that 100bph Of Power Generate Tax is. There itself in this your 6Speed The manual Transmission will get. There itself this car Of Mileage Of talk Do the so you 25.2Kmpl Of Mileage will get. Hyundai I came20 Of Base Variants Of cost 8 lakh 20 Thousand Rupees is There itself Its Top Variants Of cost 10 lakh 60 Thousand Rupees is.

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4 – Hyundai Grand i10 Nios-

Average24.95 kmpl

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios In company has 1.2Liter Of U2 CRDi The engine gave is. that this Segment In from all small diesel The engine is. these The engine 75bph Of Power Generate Does is And this car In you 5Speed The manual And Automatic Transmission gave Gone is. this car Of Base Variants Of cost 7 lakh 60 Thousand Rupees is. There itself its Top Variants 8 lakh 35 Thousand Rupees Of is.

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