When Nusrat Bharucha had to do everything from cleaning utensils to sweeping, know the reason

Nusrat Bharucha did the work of Made.  (Photo courtesy: nushrrattbharuccha / Instagram)

Nusrat Bharucha did the work of Made. (Photo courtesy: nushrrattbharuccha / Instagram)

A collection of 4 different stories, the film ‘Ajeeb Daastaans’ has been released on the digital platform Netflix. Nusrat Bharucha had to do many such things to work in this film, which the actress usually avoids.

Mumbai: Bollywood’s beautiful actress Nusrat Bharucha is in discussion about her many films and web series these days. One of these films is also ‘Ajeeb Daastaans’. Nusrat Bharucha is playing the role of a med in this film, which tells four different stories. The film ‘Ajeeb Dastan’ has been released on Netflix. Nusrat’s film is titled ‘Toy’ which is directed by Raj Mehta. The film also stars Nusrat with Patal Lok fame Abhishek Banerjee and film ‘Ludo’ fame Inayat Verma.

Bollywood’s hot and glamorous actress Nusrat Bharucha is playing the role of a domestic woman in ‘Ajeeb Daastaans’ without any makeup and glamor. Nusrat himself did all the work like a med to bring life to his character.

In a conversation with a TV channel, Nusrat said, ‘I like this type of roles very much, although I do not get such roles, but the Nusrat you saw in this film is without makeup and glamor. I love such serious rolls because these rolls give me an opportunity to show my skills as an actor, to tell you the truth, I started sweeping, wiping and washing dishes at my house to prepare for this role. Had done Because I wanted to understand the situation of a workmate. In this film, I have played the role of Bai Meinal, a workman. In the dialect language of this character, my co-actor Abhishek Banerjee and director Raj Mehta helped me.

According to Nusrat Bharucha, the preparation to play the role of the med was very useful in the lockdown. When there was a ban on the arrival of the workers in the lockdown, Nusrat did all the household work himself and it was a big benefit The actress’s parents also became very happy.

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