To make people aware, celebrate this day.  Image / Shutterstock

To make people aware, celebrate this day. Image / Shutterstock

World Hemophilia Day 2021: Awareness programs are organized all over the world on the occasion of World Haemophilia Day on 17 April every year. Its different theme is kept every year.

World Hemophilia Day 2021: Today, World Hemophilia Day is celebrated on 17 April. The purpose of celebrating this is that people should know about this disease and become aware of it. Actually, it is a kind of disorder, especially the blood of our body is affected. Whenever a person suffering from hemophilia gets internal or external injury, his bleeding does not stop. That is, the blood flows continuously and the flowing blood does not freeze. This situation is hemophilia. This often poses a serious threat to the people.

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The celebration of this day started from 1989. Since then, it has been celebrated every year on April 17, the birthday of ‘World Federation of Haemophilia’ (WFH) founder Frank Canable. WFH is an international organization, which works to make people aware of this disease and for the betterment of those suffering from it. Frank Knebel, the founder of the World Federation of Haemophilia, died in 1987 of AIDS due to infected blood. The cause of this disease is a lack of blood protein. This is called the ‘clotting factor’. This prevents it from flowing by accumulating flowing blood clots. The disease is caused by a deficiency of a substance called thromboplastin in the blood.

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Worldwide, awareness campaigns are organized every year on 17 April on the occasion of World Haemophilia Day. A serious problem with this disease is that many times people suffering from hemophilia are unable to get proper treatment at the right time. In such a situation it becomes even more necessary to make people aware on this side. Every year a different theme is kept for this day. This time, the theme of World Haemophilia Day is ‘Adapting to Change’.

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