Yoga Session: Body will be strong and lose weight fast, learn yoga

Yoga Session: The wave of Kovid-19 (Covid 19) is once again growing very fast. In such a situation, it is very important to have an immunity strong. Yoga not only makes the body and mind healthy, but also strengthens immunity and reduces obesity. In today’s Yoga Session (Live Yoga Session), it was told and shown to do many exercises to reduce obesity. By doing these exercises, not only the weight of man will be controlled but he will remain healthy and he gets relief from all types of stress. Yoga should be practiced slowly.
Marjari Asana: Marjari Asana is a yoga asana with a forward leaning backward. Cat walk is famous all over the world, but we discuss about cat pose in yoga posture class. This asana is beneficial for your body in many ways. This asana gives a good stretch to the spine. With this, it gives relief in back pain and neck pain.

Cervical power posture:

To perform this yoga activity, stand in your place. Those who are unable to do this activity by standing and sitting can also do it. Those who cannot sit on the ground can also practice it by sitting in a chair.

– Standing in a comfortable position, rest your hands on the waist. Keep the body loose.

-Relax the shoulders completely. While exhaling, bring the neck forward.

– Try locking the chin. Those who have a problem in cervical or neck pain, do not lock the neck and let the neck loose.

After this, take the neck backward while taking a breath.

To reduce obesity, do footsteps. There are many benefits to the body from Padahastasana. By doing this continuously, the balance, posture and flexibility of the body are maintained. To do the parasthaasana, stand up straight. After this, move both your hands towards the back of the body. Now bring your hands forward again. Now slowly lean forward. But keep in mind that your feet should be straight. While bending, hold the knees with the toes held with both your hands. After this, get up slowly and take a deep, long breath.

Surya Namaskar : Surya Namaskar is a powerful yogasana made from the yoga of many asanas. Surya Namaskar is a yoga that keeps you physically and mentally healthy. But very few people know the right way to do Surya Namaskar.

Greeting postures: To do this asana, first of all, join your two paws and stand on the edge of your asana mat. Then raise both hands parallel to the shoulder and put the entire weight equally on both the legs. The sides of both palms stick to each other and stand in a posture of salutation.

Palm of the hand: To do this asana, take a deep breath and raise both hands upwards. Now, while bending the hands and waist, tilt both arms and neck also backwards.

Handmade posture: In this posture, while exhaling, slowly lean forward towards the bottom. Rotate both your hands near the ears and touch the ground.

Horse steering seat: In this posture, keep your palms on the ground, take the right foot backwards while breathing and keep the left leg up by bending from the side of the knee. Lift the neck upwards and stay in this position for a while.

Mountain pedestal: While doing this asana, take a breath while moving the left leg back and keep the whole body in a straight line and keep your hands straight on the ground.

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