50 lakh shopkeepers connected with Amazon Pay, more than 4 crore people paid through UPI

New Delhi. 50 million shopkeepers have joined Amazon Pay (Amazon Pay), the payment unit of Amazon. Amazon’s goal is to help the medium and small businesses of the country in digital payment in India. These are businessmen, many of whom earlier used to deal only in cash, now they are from their customers. Via QR cad of Amazon Paythese Taking money. Amazon Senior Vice President Russell Grandinetti said at Amazon’s possible event that since 2019 we have registered 50 lakh traders through Amazon Pay. Using this service, 4 crore users paid through UPI. Of course we are not alone, but companies like Amazon and our rivals helped us in this. He said that organizations and governments around the world are not only inspired by Aadhaar, India Stack and UPI, but they are also following these models.

As part of India’s Digital India vision, government agencies, businesses, startups and businesses to address the challenges like delivery of financially inclusive services A set of tools have been developed under the India stack to help developers develop solutions. This includes Aadhaar and e-KYC and UPI. Grandinetti gave an example of how these practices have helped individual sellers reach customers across the country and how to make their orders and delivery across state borders easier. Now that we are looking at the future, we want Indian business to grow bigger. I am very optimistic about the coming rains.

One of the world’s largest digital payment platforms

Amazon Pay India CEO Mahendra Nerurkar said that the company is accelerating its participation in the goal of Digital India by enabling more than 50 million business owners and entrepreneurs to accept digital payments. He said that we have created and increased our digital payment acceptance for SMB, being one of the largest digital payment platforms in the world. India is ready to make more products that change the way we pay.

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More than 1 million food and beverage outlets are included

Nerurkar said that out of these 5 million SMBs, there are more than 25 lakh retail and shopping outlets, which include grocery stores. More than a million food and beverage outlets such as restaurants and small shopkeepers work for food and drink. At the same time, there were close to four lakh health and medical care practitioners, while the rest included taxis and flour drivers, plumbers and other people.

Banks will be able to provide more transactions with real time data.

Mafendra Nerurkar, the founder-founder of Infasis, said that the small business is the future of India. I am sure this is the engine, they will play a big role in economic grace and job creation. Aadhaar architect Nandan Nilekani said that as these businesses go digital, with the availability of real time data, the bank will help them to assess the credibility of the companies and provide loans based on business flows and assets. is. He said DigiLocker and eSign will provide a more efficient system for the businessmen, which will help them to generate more customers, sales and create jobs.

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