Army’s former boxer is running the couture, video surfaced in the Saashal media, Tae Anand Mahindra made this big offer

Anand Mahindra extended a helping hand to the former boxer.  (File pic)

Anand Mahindra extended a helping hand to the former boxer. (File pic)

In the viral video, Abid Khan is saying that middle class or poor people come in boxing, because it takes a beating. People with money play cricket, lawn tennis, badminton.

New Delhi. It is said that a person can do anything to give bread to the family for two times. Such is the story of Abid Khan, who was a national level boxer before that, as a boxing coach in the Indian Army for five years. Neither Abid Khan nor his family ever thought that such days would come in front of him that he would have to take off the box handle and hold the auto handle. Recently, a video of Abid Khan has gone viral on social media, in which he has told about the journey of becoming an auto driver since he was a boxer at the national level.

When Abid Khan’s viral video was viewed by industrialist and Mahindra Group chairman Anand Mahindra, he immediately extended a helping hand. Re-tweeting this video, he said that thanks for telling Abid’s story. I applaud them that they are not asking for any help. However, instead of offering charity to people, I prefer to invest in their talent and passion. Please tell me how I can invest in and support their startup boxing academy.

Middle or poor people come in boxingIn the viral video, Abid Khan is saying that the biggest curse for a poor person or middle class is to be strapped with money. A bigger curse than that is that he is a sports lover. There is nothing but waste of time in this. Being a sportsman, I achieved so many achievements, I also did diploma, but even after that we did not get the job. Middle class or poor people come in boxing because it takes a beating. Money plays cricket, lawn tennis, badminton.

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Anand Mahindra keeps helping people
Anand Mahindra is often helping people. Especially those who are in dire need of help. Recently, Anand Mahindra bought a house for Kamalathal, which is known as Idli Amma. She sells idli sambar for just 1 rupee.

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