Electric vehicle will be cheaper, Lohum company will produce lithium-ion battery double

Lohum company will double production of lithium ion battery.

Lohum company will double production of lithium ion battery.

The current capacity of the company is around 300 MW-hour per annum and according to the unit it is about 200 to 250 units per day. Which the company wants to increase by doubling it.

New Delhi. The Loum company, which manufactures lithium ion batteries, plans to invest up to Rs 250 crore over the next three years to increase its capacity. The company has plans to go into the field of battery production for four wheeler electric vehicles. The company currently has a capacity to manufacture 300 MWh of batteries annually. It is planned to be raised to the level of gigawatt (1,000 megawatt equals one gigawatt) hour. For this, he has planned to set up a new battery making factory in Greater Noida.

The company will increase both manufacturing and recycle – Lohum founder and CEO (CEO) Rajat Verma said, ‘The capacity that we had predicted for 2022, we have now realized that it will be much lower than the demand. We have to establish more capacity immediately and we are now in the process of increasing our capacity in both manufacturing and recycle. ‘

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Describing the plan in detail, he said, ‘At this time, our goal is to set up a large integrated factory in the next 12 months time frame. In that factory, we can manufacture 1,000 batteries every day. Can also process 1,000 tons of old raw materials. We plan to set up 1,000 tonne capacity recycling centers with gigawatt-hour level manufacturing. ‘Also read: Forget car washing, this technology will be deep cleansing

Battery will be made for two-wheeler, four wheeler and three wheeler The current capacity of the company is around 300 MW-hour per annum and it varies from 200 to 250 units per unit. When asked about the investment in the new project, Varma said, ‘Soon we will invest around Rs 50 crore. We plan to invest Rs 200 crore in the next two to three years. These investments will be made on increasing battery manufacturing capacity for two-wheeler, three-wheeler and four-wheelers.

He said that at present, the company is also making batteries for storage use along with two-wheeler, three-wheelers. According to Verma, now the company is working on a pilot project to make batteries for four-wheelers as well.

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