Do include asafetida in the diet in summer, know its many benefits benefits of Asafoetida in summer

Many people believe that asafetida is used only in winter, but it is not so. If you include asafoetida in the daily diet even during the summer season, it will not only increase the taste of the food, but also keep your health healthy. Apart from vegetables, you can also use it in buttermilk, etc. According to Ayurveda, the consumption of asafetida provides a lot of benefit in piles, stomach diseases, gas, constipation, pain, stone problem and diabetes etc. Apart from this, the use of asafetida is also very beneficial in the treatment of stomach worms, lumps in the body, chronic colds etc.

What are the benefits of asafoetida

1. Relieves pain in stomach

If gas is being formed in the stomach, the intake of asafoetida provides a lot of relief. Apart from this, it also removes the problem of digestion in the stomach and the problem of bloating.2. Rest in period cramps

Women who have pain during periods and who have irregular periods, should take regular asafoetida.

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3. Pain in the teeth

If you are suffering from toothache and want it to be cured by home remedies, you can use asafetida to reduce toothache. Asafoetida is found to have analgesic properties as well as antibacterial properties which helps in reducing toothache.

4. Relaxation in pneumonia

Asafoetida intake is considered very beneficial in the problem of pneumonia. Asafoetida has antibacterial properties along with reducing phlegm which helps in reducing the symptoms of pneumonia.

5. beneficial in pain

In summer, many people are troubled by shingles. You should use asafetida in the problem of ringworm and grind asafetida properly and apply it on the ringworm. Ringworm will be cured.

6. Help in fast fever

According to Ayurveda, if someone has a high fever and is not getting down, then with the help of this, a high fever can be lowered. Put asafetida in old ghee and put it in the nose, then there is relief in typhoid.

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7. Assistant in Sugar

If someone has diabetes and is troubled by high sugar, asafetida is very beneficial for him. This reduces the sugar level in the blood.

8.Metabolism makes better

Asafoetida has a good amount of iron and potassium. Because of which it also maintains metabolism in the body. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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