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Healthy Liver: The liver performs many functions to keep the body healthy, including detoxification and digestion. Everything we eat and drink passes through the liver. In such a situation, it can easily go bad, if we do not take good care of it. Most of the time, liver diseases are caused by Hepatitis A, B, C, alcohol and drugs. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), liver diseases are the 10th most common cause of death in India. Let us tell you that the liver secretes about 800-1,000 ml of bile every day, which contains the salts required for digestion of fat.

It removes waste and toxins from the blood. If you have a bad liver, it should be treated on time. There can be a risk of disease like liver cirrhosis and liver cancer if treated late. According to medical experiments, a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet are necessary to keep liver diseases away.

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What does lever do– Fights infection and disease
– Regulates blood sugar
-Removes out toxins from the body
– Regulates cholesterol levels
-Helps prevent blood clotting.
-Makes many essential proteins in the body
– Release the bile duct for digestive activity.
– Responsible for the manufacture of cholesterol and triglycerides
Breaks insulin and other hormones into simple form in the body

Causes of liver diseases
-Liver’s disease can be genetic
Unhealthy lifestyle and eating patterns
– Excess consumption of alcohol and junk food
– Overweight, obesity and type 2 diabetes

Symptoms of liver failure
Having jaundice or jaundice.
-The taste of the mouth starts to deteriorate, the test starts to deteriorate.
Laziness and weakness in the body. Exhaustion persists throughout the day.
– A feeling of burning and heaviness is felt in the chest.
– Pressing on the liver area causes pain.
– Loss of appetite, indigestion and gas in stomach, abdominal distension.
If the liver becomes large, then the stomach starts swelling and pain starts.
Weight loss or obesity.

Liver failure risk
– Risk of fatty liver from vitamin B deficiency in the body.
– Excessive alcohol consumption and smoking causes liver diseases.
Liver problems due to excessive amount of chlorine in drinking water.
Do not use colored sweets and cold drinks at all.
Excessive consumption of anti-biotic medicines causes liver damage.
– Lack of proper house cleaning. Also, the liver deteriorates quickly even when suffering from malaria, typhoid.
Eating dirty meat, drinking dirty water, chili, spicy and spicy food also spoils the liver.

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How to clean the liver
Eat garlic, green and leafy vegetables, apples, walnuts, grapes and carrots.
Use olive oil.
– Do consume lemon.
– Drink Green Tea.
– Make sure to do turmeric.

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