Petrol Price Today: Petrol-Diesel Has Been Cheap, Even In International Market, Check 1 Liter Price

New Delhi: The price of petrol-diesel is still a relief to the general public. Government oil companies have not changed rates for the fourth consecutive day. On Thursday, the price of petrol and diesel was cut by 16 paisa per liter. At the same time, in the international market, there is softening in crude oil. Petrol (Petrol Price Today) in Delhi market is Rs 90.40 per liter on Monday while diesel is Rs 80.73 per liter.

Petrol and diesel prices were cut three times in the month of March. On March 24, the price of petrol was reduced by 18 paise and diesel by 17 paise. On March 25, diesel was cheaper by 20 paise and petrol by 21 paise. At the same time, on Tuesday, March 30, petrol was cheaper by 22 paise and diesel by 23 paise per liter. Petrol became 61 paisa per liter cheaper after this cut.

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Today’s rates of petrol diesel>> Petrol in Delhi is Rs 90.40 and diesel is Rs 80.73 per liter.
>> Petrol in Mumbai is Rs 96.83 and diesel is Rs 87.81 per liter.
>> Petrol in Chennai is Rs 92.43 and diesel is Rs 85.75 per liter.
>> Petrol in Kolkata is Rs 90.62 and diesel is Rs 83.61 per liter.
>> Petrol in Noida is Rs 88.79 and diesel is Rs 81.19 per liter.
>> Petrol in Bangalore is Rs 93.43 and diesel is Rs 85.60 per liter.
>> Petrol in Bhopal is Rs 98.41 and diesel is Rs 88.98 per liter.
>> Petrol in Chandigarh is Rs 86.99 and diesel is Rs 80.43 per liter.
>> Petrol in Patna is Rs 92.74 and diesel is Rs 85.97 per liter.
>> Petrol in Lucknow is Rs 88.72 and diesel is Rs 81.13 per liter.

Prices change every day
Please tell that there is a change in the prices of petrol and diesel every day at 6 in the morning. The new rates are applicable from 6 o’clock in the morning. After adding excise duty, dealer commission and other things to the price of petrol and diesel, its price almost doubles. Petrol and diesel prices change every day, depending on what the prices of crude are in the international market along with the foreign exchange rates.

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Check the new rates of petrol diesel in your city like this
The country’s three oil marketing companies HPCL, BPCL and IOC release new rates of petrol diesel after 6 am. For new rates, you can get information by visiting the website. At the same time, you can check the rate through SMS on mobile phones. You can also know about the price of petrol diesel by sending an SMS to the number 92249 92249. You have to write the code of the RSP petrol pump dealer and send it to 92249 92249. If you are in Delhi and want to know the price of petrol diesel through message, then you have to write RSP 102072 and send it to 92249 92249.

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