HCL Technologies’ profit fell 26%, this is the main reason

EBIT has reduced from Rs.4416 crores in the previous quarter to Rs.3980 crores

EBIT has reduced from Rs.4416 crores in the previous quarter to Rs.3980 crores

The main reason for this decline in profit of the company has been the increase in salary and one time bonus of Rs 700 crore. The company had a profit of Rs 3,982 crore in the previous i.e. December quarter.

The new Delhi. IT One of the big companies working in the field is HCL Technologies (HCL Technologies) Of Consolidated Profit fell by 26.6 percent, after which the profit stood at Rs 2962 crore. This has been revealed in the fourth quarter results released by HCL Technologies. The main reason behind this decline was the increase in salary of its employees by HCL Technologies and giving a one time bonus of Rs 700 crore. December quarter to HCL Technologies last year In 3982 There was a profit of crores of rupees.

31 December 2021 To Over Hui The fourth Quarter In Quarter base On company Of Income 1.8 Percent Of The edge Of with 19,642 Crore Money doing is while Previous Quarter In company Of Income 19,302 Crore Rupees doing was. this Quarter In company Of Dollar Income Quarter base On 3 Percent Of The edge Of with 269.6 Crore Dollar doing is. while Cnbc TV18 Of HCL Technologies’ Dollar Earnings at 3.6% Quarterly Poll Growth Of an estimate Planted Gone Was.

Constant Currency Revenue Growth 25 Percent Of strong Level On doing

company Of Speaking on the results, President and CEO C Vijay Kumar said that for the financial year 2021 25% of the company’s constant revenue growth on a fourth quarter basis Of Strong Stayed at the level. The company’s EBIT margin in Q4 declined to 20.4 per cent from 22.9 per cent in the previous quarter. The same EBIT has been reduced from Rs 4416 crore in the previous quarter to Rs 3980 crore.

Q4 In company To till now Of from all more new Deal meet Huh. this Quarter In company To 3.1 Arab Dollar Of new Deal meet Huh that Yearly base On 48 Percent more Huh. company has Ours ahead Of Display On Guidance Giving Hue expectation Expressed is That Finance The year 2022 Constant Currency Growth Double Digit In Stay Can is while EBIT margin 19-21 Percent Of between Stay Can is.

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you Tell Give HCL Technologies has year 2020 In 10 Arab American Dollar Of Income Level To Beyond To do Of Commemoration In ‘‘world Filled In Ours The employees To Outright special Bonus Ongoing did Was In which One year or From him All employees with more service were given a bonus equal to ten days’ salary.

Full Time The employees Of Number 159682 was

HCL Technologies Of Important HR Officer Apparao V V has said That Epidemic Of Despite HCL Family Of every Member has mine Vigorous The commitment And passion To Indicated And Organization Of development In Contribution gave. Bygone 31 December 2020 By Of According to, HCL Of Full Time The employees Of Number 159682 was.

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