NTPC announces contest for ideas on fly ash use total prize money of Rs 12 lakh detail here samp | NTPC giving chance to win millions of rupees! Participate in this competition, give your idea

New Delhi. Public sector company NTPC has announced a competition inviting new ideas on better use of fly ash from coal power stations. According to the company’s release, the objective of this competition is to bring new ideas about the use of 100 percent ash from its power factories. This competition will start on April 20 and will close on May 19, 2021.

Through this competition campaign, NTPC, along with its employees, also aims to motivate the general public to contribute new ideas to save the environment from the ashes.

Know the amount of the reward
NTPC has placed a total prize of Rs 12 lakh for this competition, in which the first winner will be given five lakh rupees. At the same time, the second winner will be given a reward of Rs 3 lakh and the third will be given Rs 2 lakh.Register by visiting this link

NTPC has given a link on its Twitter handle to participate in the contest, where registration can be done. Click on this link https://mapp.ntpc.co.in/ashcontest

Know what is the use of ash
The ash emanating from NTPC plants is being used to make cement, concrete, concrete products, cellular concrete products, brick, brick blocks, tiles.

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NTPC is concerned about the sustainable use of ash coming out of its coal power stations. She wants the idea to give a sustainable diagnosis of its use to her. NTPC has installed a storage system for the availability of dry ash in its coal based power stations. NTPC uses the railway network to carry fly ash from one place to another safely.

NTPC has 70 power houses across the country, out of which 26 are renewable energy projects. They have a total installed capacity of 65,825 MW. The company’s 18 GW generation capacity projects are under construction, out of which five GW are renewable energy projects.

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