SBI’s big announcement, no branch to go for KYC, know details

New Delhi. country Of from all The big The official Bank SB I i.e Indian state Bank (SBI) has Ours The customers Of One The big relief Giving Hue Video KYC has been launched. Given the current situation in Corona, where people are being instructed to stay at home. Keeping the same in mind, SBI has given the option to do KYC through video sitting at home instead of going to a branch to open an account in the bank.

SBI Chairman Dinesh Khara says that it is a great pleasure to announce the facility of opening online savings account, which is very necessary in the event of the current pandemic. We believe that this initiative will add a new dimension to mobile banking and will also empower digital for customers for their banking needs. Bank has said, Artificial Intelligence And Facials Recognition Technology By Operated this Digital The initiative One Contactless And Paperless Process is. It is known that from last year many private banks are giving video KYC facility to their customers.

This is how you can video KYC from YONO app

  • Ours Phone On YONO The app download Do the
  • ‘New to SBI’ On Click Do the And ‘Insta Plus Savings Account’ To Select Do the.
  • Again, The app In ours base Details Enter Do the.
  • base Authentication whole Ho Know Of after Users To personal Details Input do Will happen.
  • Again, Customer To KYC process To whole To do Of for One Video The call The schedule do Will happen.
  • Video KYC whole Having Of after SBI In Account Ours You Open Will go.

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2017 In Launch happen Was YONO

November 2017 In Launch did Gone YONO The app 8 Crore Downloads Ho Had finished is And 3.7 Crore From more Registered Users Huh. SBI has YONO Platform On 20 From more Category In 100 From more ECommerce The companies Of with Partnerships Of Hui is.

Without Bank Branch went Open Will go Account

The videos The call Of Via The customers Of Bank Account Opening Of process One big Steps is And From this Branchless Banking To The new The direction Will get. Its Apart from The remote The customers By the access To enhance In Banks To help Will get. Present In, Account To open Of for Customer To Hereafter Bank Branch To arrive Would is And Again Form Filling Occur Huh or Again Agent your House your Documents And signature Take Huh. some The affairs In base Of Via Online Basic Bank Account Open Go Can Huh, but Full Service Accounts Of for Paper Documentation mandatory is.

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What is KYC?

KYC Reserve Bank (RBI) By Operated One identification process is Whose help From Bank And other Financial Institutions Ours Customer Of About In The good From life Get is. key i.enot Your CustomerOurs Customer To Learn. Bank And Financial The companies Its for Form To Stuffed Tax Its with some identification Of The proof Too Takes is.

KYC Of for Necessary The papers

1. Passport

2. Voter identification Letter

3. Driving License

4. base The card

5. NREGA The card

6. The pan The card

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