Change the distance from your loved ones during the Corona era, in these ways, in close proximity

To reduce the distance from your loved ones in Corona, make a video call- Image credit / pexels-marko-klaric

To reduce the distance from your loved ones in Corona, make a video call- Image credit / pexels-marko-klaric

Increase proximity in these ways, Decrease distance in these ways- In this era of Corona, the most needed love and love is with your loved ones, but to protect yourself (To protect yourself) to keep distance from loved ones. Is Happening. In such a way the distances can be reduced in this way.

Corona virus has changed everyone’s life (Corona virus has changed everyone’s life). The situation is that people have to be away from their own people. Some are away from their children and some are away from their parents. People living together in the house are afraid to touch each other, but at least they are able to see. But seeing and meeting those who are in their far-flung cities is now starting to look like a dream. In this era of Corona epidemic, when people are feeling the most need, love and care with each other, people have to hide in homes for fear of saving lives. But with your loved ones and in the absence of love (Absence of love) you do not need to go into depression but need to change this distance in close proximity. By following the tips given here, you can change the distance made from your loved ones to the nearest sitting at home.

Increase proximity with video calls

Due to Corona virus, it would be best to take the help of smart phones to change the distances made by your near ones. The people you are longing to meet and talk to. Can’t see them This phone will help you a lot in mixing them. You will not only be able to talk to them through video calls while staying safe at home through smart phones, but will also be able to see their loved ones. This phone will be able to fulfill your desire to meet them to a great extent. You can do this any number of times during the day. In this way, the feeling of distance will be less certain.

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Mobile phone will reduce distances

If you do not have a smart phone then there is nothing to worry about. You can reduce distances from your loved ones via mobile. Many times a day, you can know each other’s condition, give them solace and comfort. You can also share the things of your mind. If you have to give any kind of advice or suggestions for prevention from corona, the mobile phone will support you in this.

Sahara to become laptop and desktop

If you want to see your entire family together and talk to them, then you can fulfill this desire through a video call on a laptop or desktop. Nowadays, many people have laptops and desktops. Anyway, due to getting work from home done in this era of Corona, many companies have given laptops to their employees. You can take the help of computers to increase the proximity by reducing the distance from your loved ones. Due to the large display screen of the computer, the whole family will be able to connect with you simultaneously.

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You can take help of social media

Social media will also help you in reducing your distances. At any time of the day or night or any other time, you can take the help of social sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and share chat to talk to your loved ones. Through them, you can also message and contact anytime by video call. Which will make you feel close to your loved ones.

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