Do not do this work in Roza, will remain healthy

Do not eat food if you are in a hurry.  Image / Shutterstock

Do not eat food if you are in a hurry. Image / Shutterstock

Ramadan 2021: In Ramadan, the process of fasting with Sahari and Iftar will continue throughout the month. But in the meantime, take full care of your health as well. Never leave Sehri and drink enough water.

Ramadan 2021: The month of Ramadan-ul-Mubarak is going on and Muslims are engaged in Worship along with keeping Roza in this Pak month. This cycle of keeping Roza with Sahri and Iftar will continue for this whole one month. However, in the meantime, it is important to take full care of health as well, because on one hand the time of eating and drinking changes, on the other hand, many times sleep is also not complete. In such a situation it can affect health. Therefore, keep some special precautions in this month, so that you can also be healthy and your fasts can be fulfilled well. Let us know what is the precaution –

Do not eat greasy food if you want
Often people like to eat fried roast in Iftar in Ramadan. In such a situation, consuming samosas, spring rolls, fries and other fried things sounds fun, but can be dangerous for health. Today tv According to a report by the government, taking fried food in Iftar can cause indigestion. This will have a bad effect on health and may disturb the worship. Therefore, according to Sunnah, open Rosa with dates or water and after that eat fruits etc. So that the deficiency of nutrients in the body can be fulfilled.

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There will be so many of us who drink very little water during the iftar, but insist on eating more. But during Iftar drink more and more water and eat less. If you do not drink much water, then use fruits that contain more water. Also avoid soft drinks and caffeine rich things like tea and coffee.

Don’t eat in a hurry
Instead of eating immediately and in haste at Iftar, eat it slowly and chew it slowly. Eat small morsels. If there is time to eat, then after eating the Namaz, eat the rest of the food.

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Do not leave Sahi
It is Sunnah to bear it. But some people leave Sahari many times to get full sleep. But to support you keeps you active throughout the day, but when you leave Sahri, you push yourself towards weakness and lethargy for the whole day. So do Sahari and instead of eating the remaining food in Sahari, eat freshly cooked food. Eat a diet that is rich in nutrients. Eat protein rich things like milk and curd.

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