LPG Cylinder: Take 5 kg LPG cylinders hand in hand, address proof will not be needed

New Delhi. Oil marketing company Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has launched a new facility for customers. According to the company, now any customer can buy 5 kg of LPG cylinder (Gas Cylinder) by hand. That is, the customer will get 5 kg of LPG at the time of depositing the money. Now the customer does not have to wait.

Where on one side you have to get yourself registered with a registered gas agency before buying a big gas cylinder. You have to provide ID proof and first time charges. Apart from this, address proof will also have to be given, on which your cylinder will be delivered. However, this is not the case in a 5 kg gas cylinder. You can take a 5 kg gas cylinder from any of your nearest distributors or point of sale.

You can also order by calling toll free number
You can also order a mini Bharatgas 5 kg cylinder comfortably in your home by calling 1800 22 4344 and get it within two hours at a nominal delivery fee of Rs 25 / -. To avail this service, you will need to provide proof of identity (POI).Also read: LPG Gas Cylinder: 819 rupees gas cylinder is available for just Rs 19, pick up the benefits of such offers

Where can you buy a cylinder

The IOC has tweeted that customers can go to any Indane distributor or point of sale in their city and buy a 5 kg LPG cylinder. That too on the spot.

No address proof needed
According to the company, no address proof is required to buy a 5 kg LPG cylinder. Give money, take gas.

What is the price
According to the information given on the IOC website, the price of a 5 kg cylinder in Delhi is Rs 340 without subsidy.

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Where to get refill
According to the company, customers can refill a 5 kg LPG cylinder at any selling point in Indane. This cylinder is a BIS certified cylinder, which further enhances safety.

Method of returning the gas cylinder
If you are going out of town or want to return the gas cylinder and pressure regulator for any other reason, you can do so and you can get the following repayment. If the return is within 5 years from the date of purchase, the purchase price of the cylinder excluding the cost of gas and taxes and 50% of the pressure regulator. If the return is after 5 years from the date of purchase, then Rs 100 / flat.

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