Make a ‘bath bomb’ in this way in the house during Corona’s era and use it like this

Can make 'bath bomb' at home- Image credit / pexels-burst

Can make ‘bath bomb’ at home- Image credit / pexels-burst

Know How to Use Bath Bomb- Know, what is ‘bath bomb’, what is and how it is used (Use of bath bomb). How can you prepare it at home during Corona’s time.

Know How to Use Bath Bomb- The more safe it is to stay at home during the Corona era, the more important it is to use home made things. So whether it is food or other use items, whatever is possible to be made at home, try that they can be prepared at home. Today we will give you information about making ‘bath bomb’ at home. Which is very easy to make. Those who use ‘bath bomb’ are aware of it but those who do not know about it, we will also tell them what is ‘bath bomb’ and how to use it. is done. Let’s know

Know, what is a ‘bath bomb’

As much as it is intimidating to hear ‘Bath Bomb’, the use of it gives you relief. Actually it is a type of soap but slightly different from soap. It is not used as a soap on the skin, but in the water of the bathtub, when bathing in the bathtub. These ‘bath bombs’ are available in different shapes, smells and colors in the market. Skin softening oils such as Almond, Chemomile, Rose, Coconut and Lavender Oil are available to soften and nourish the skin, while butter like Shia Butter and Cocoa Butter are also mixed. Also, according to your choice, it includes glitter and petals of flowers and a scent that pleases the mind. Whose bathing at the time of bathing brings a spa-like feel. With its use, the body gets nourishment and relief.

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How do you use ‘bath bomb’

The ‘bath bomb’ is used a few minutes before bathing in a bath tub. After filling the water in the tub, the ‘bath bomb’ is put in the tub. Foam and bubbles are formed as soon as it is put in water. Also, a little color starts to appear in the water, the color of which you are using ‘Bath Bomb’. If it includes glitter and petals of flowers, then they also appear to be floating in the water. Also, essential oil and fragrance in it give a taste to the bathroom. After pouring the ‘bath bomb’ into the water, as soon as it dissolves in the water, you can go to the bath tub and enjoy bathing and relaxing yourself. After spending your time in the bath tub, when you start coming out of the tub, you can take a simple shower for at least half a minute so that the color and glitter in the ‘bath bomb’ does not remain on your body.

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How to make ‘bath bomb’ at home

Things you need to make a ‘bath bomb’ at home include soda bicarbs 50 grams, corn starch 12 grams, rock salt 2 pinches, rose water 2 teaspoons, olive oil or coconut oil 1 teaspoon, citric acid 5 grams and some Rose petals are included. First of all, mix all these things together in a vessel. Mix a few drops of water and pour it into a mold and shape it. Leave it like this for three to four hours. Once it is cast in the mold, take it out. ‘Bath Bomb’ is ready. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general beliefs. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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