No need to go to the bank during the Corona period, many facilities including SBI are offering these facilities at ATMs

New Delhi. Till now you must have used bank ATMs (ATMs) only to withdraw cash or to know the balance of bank account, but do you know that you can avail many more services from ATMs. The reality is that ATMs are now a very useful thing. Actually, earlier where there were many hours after putting a long line in the banks. At the same time, now customers can tackle these tasks in a few minutes by going to the ATM. Today we are giving you information about the works that you can tackle through your debit card at the neighboring ATM.

1. Policy premium can be paid
Now insurance policy premium can also be deposited through ATM. Banks have tied up with insurance companies like LIC, HDFC Life and SBI Life for this. Customers of these three companies can pay through ATMs.

Go to the Bill Pay section on the ATM screen and select the name of the insurance company, enter the policy number, after this enter your details such as birthday and mobile number. Confirm by adding the premium amount. Your insurance policy will be paid.Also read: LPG Gas Cylinder: 819 rupees gas cylinder is available for just Rs 19, pick up the benefits of such offers

2. Apply for loan from ATM

You can also apply for loan from ATM. You can apply for loans from ICICI and HDFC Bank ATMs.

3. Can Cash Transfer
With the help of ATM, there is a facility to transfer money from your account to another account. Multiple transactions can be done during the day.

4. Cash deposit facility
Almost all banks of the country have installed cash deposit machines along with their ATMs. Through this, you can also deposit money in your account.

5. Pay the bill
Telephone, electricity, gas or many other bills can be paid through ATMs. You have to register yourself once on the bank’s website before paying the bill.

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6. Mobile Recharge
You can recharge your prepaid mobile connection by visiting your neighborhood ATM.

7. Check Book Request
If you need a check book, then you do not need to go to the bank branch for this. You can go to the ATM and apply for a new check book.

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