Rakesh Jhunjhunwala’s portfolio included 84% growth in income of this company, know everything

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

The company’s gamified learning segment has grown more than 9 times on an annual basis during FY 2021 and the income of this segment has been Rs 175.8 crore.

New Delhi. On the television, bringing the characters of shows like Motu-Patlu, Chhota Bheem, Shikari Shambhu into a mobile game, was able to entertain the hearts of all age groups Nazara Technologies has market In Too Superb performance did is. Fiscal year 2021 In Rakesh Tingling (Rakesh Jhunjhunwala)Of Investment Wali mobile Gaming company Nazara Technologies has this Period In company Of Income Yearly base On 84 Percent Of Increase Of with 454.2 Crore Money doing is. while this Period In EBITDA In 470 Percent Of The boom He Came is.

company has BSE To Given Has gone Information In said is That his Gamified Learning And ESport Segment (Gamified learning and Esports segments) has strong The edge Showing Hue ahead company To The business In Having The ones Vigorous Growth Of The foundation Laid is. company has Today i.e 22 April To Only Ours Business Update Ongoing Done Huh. company Of Complete The result May In Ongoing Done Will go

Increase by more than 9 times

company Of Gamified Learning Segment (Gamified learning segment)In Finance The year 2021 Of During Yearly base On 9 Thrice From more Increase To see To Got is And this Segment Of Income 175.8 Crore Money On doing is. company has Told is That March 2021 In Kiddopia Of 3,40,282 Paying Subscriber Were. while March 2020 In Kiddopia Of 1,97,522 Paying Subscriber Were. i.e One year Of Period In Kiddopia Of Subscriber Base In 172 Percent Of Increase To see To Got is.

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Sports business भी 170.1 Crore Money On come Gone

Finance The year 2021 In company Of Sports business (ESport Business) In Too 2 Thrice From more Increase Hui is And these Finance The year 2020 Of 84.2 Crore Money From increase 170.1 Crore Money On come Gone is. Sports business Of Under Finance The year 2021 In Sportskeeda Of Monthly Active Users ((WANT) In 487 Percent Growth To see To Got is. There itself, this Period In Nodwin Of Revenue In Finance The year 2020 Of Comparison In 75 Percent Of Increase To see To Got is.

South Asia In Ours The business Of Detailed did

Finance The year 2021 Of Income In Media Right Of from all big Contribution Stayed. There itself, Game Publisher Income In Second from all big Contribution To do The one Stayed. this Period In Nodwin has South Asia In Ours The business Of Detailed did. company has ahead said is That She Ours ESL India premiership, Dew Arena like The big IPs Of with India In sports In Leading company doing is. company has these Too Told is That his telecom operator Based on subscription business In Finance The year 2021 In 8 Percent Of The fall I came is.

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