81 million investors joined, experts expect steady growth

New Delhi. Mutual Fund (Mutual Funds) Industry In the financial year 2020-21, more than 81 lakh investor accounts have been linked. After this, now a total of 9.78 crore accounts have been made. After which experts (Expert) hope that this year will continue to grow this year. Association of mutual Fund (Association of Mutual Funds in India) Of Data Of accordingly In the year 2019-20, 72.89 lakh investor accounts were opened. Research director Kaustubh Belapurkar, director of Morningstar India, says that keeping in mind the financial goals of both the long and short term, investor mutual Understand the importance of investing in Mutual Funds. He said that over the years, investors have become aware not only by investors awareness programs, the ground work done by mutual funds, educating financial advisors and distributors through their investment journey and attracting investors but mutual funds Willing to invest in it too.

According to the data released, the number of folios with 43 fund houses was 8,97,46,051 in March 2020, while in March 2021 it increased to 9,78,65,529. Due to which the folio increased to 81.19.Mutual fund space 59 lakhs in year 2015-16, 67 lakhs in 2016-17, 1.6 crore in 2017-18 and There were 1.13 crore accounts in 2018-19. Prateek Mehta, co-founder and chief business officer of ScripBox, said that while there are many reasons for folio growth, among them the spread of technology, increase in digitization, is an easy way to transact. According to him, migration from gold and real estate also cannot be ignored.

Number of investor accounts also increased by 24.3 lakh in equity oriented scheme

The number of investor accounts has also increased by 24.3 lakh in the equity oriented scheme. In the last financial year, where it was 6.44 crore in 2020, it increased to 6.68 crore in this financial year. Apart from this, the debt oriented scheme folio count has also increased from 16.16 lakhs to 88.4 lakhs. If seen, Debt category, Liquid Fund consistently tops the chart with 22.3 folios. While short-term funds closed at 12.26 lakhs and corporate bonds at 7.13 lakhs.

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31.43 crore assets under AUM

The mutual fund industry had assets worth Rs 31.43 crore under Asset Under Management (AUM) at the end of March 2020. Belapurkar of Morningstar said that we hope that this growth in folios will continue in the coming years. Because new investors will start their investment journey by investing in mutual funds. He said that development should not only be from big cities but should also be more than small B-30 cities.

2.5 to 3.5 crore unique investors are in mutual funds

Harshad Chetanwala, founder of Mywealthgrowth.com, says that the mutual fund industry will do even better this year as the mutual fund is still the best for all other sectors of investment. At present there are 9.78 crore folios and if we consider 3 or 4 folios on average per investor, then their number is 25 to 3.5 crore unique investors in mutual funds. He further said that market conditions will play an important role in the development of the industry as investors will try to install more and more chips during market conditions.

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People will understand the importance will increase

Gautam Kalia, Head of Investment Solution Sharekhan BNP, said that the industry is currently benefiting from the understanding and participation of retail investors. As people understand the importance of earning long term money through mutual funds, it will increase further. They say that there are definitely risks that can hinder this growth in the short term, these include regulatory changes, market downturn, epidemic growth, etc.

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