Change your 6 bad habits during the Corona period, only then will you be protected from infection

Covid19 2nd Wave Precautions : There has been an outcry in the country due to record breaking cases in the second wave of Coronavirus. Despite the dangerous form of corona infection, every person is trying to keep a distance, despite this, a large number of people are becoming infected. The condition of hospitals is worse and people are talking about increasing their immunity at home. In this case, there is also talk of cleanliness and taking all kinds of observations. But we have some small habits that are causing the infection. There are some common habits that we can prevent by changing the corona. So let’s know about those habits.

1.Do not wash hands from outside

There are still many people who after coming home from the market etc., without having to clean the hands without soap, sit on the couch etc. in the house and feel leftover. Let me tell you that this habit of yours can prove very dangerous for you and your family. If you touch any goods or gates or rickshaws, autos or anything of the sort outside, then this may be the first cause of infection. It is not necessary that you become a victim of corona infection by coming in contact with an infected person. In such a situation, it is very important for people to come home from outside and clean hands thoroughly with soap.

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2. Touching the face repeatedly

Many people keep touching their eyes, nose, mouth, etc., which causes infection. Let us know that the infection occurs when the virus reaches your eyes, nose or mouth. In such a situation, the habit of touching the face again and again can put you in danger. In such a situation, change this habit as soon as possible.

3. Opening the packet by mouth

Many people have this habit that they bought anything from the market and used teeth to open the seal packet. Your habit has been easily infected by corona. You should remember that many of you must have touched this packet before you.

4. Not active

Due to the lockdown, people are spending 24 hours in their homes. But this does not mean that you sit in one place and do not work. Explain that sitting or not being physically active is actually to weaken your immunity. This has a bad effect on your health, you are soon in the grip of infection.

5. Eating out things without cleaning

Many people carelessly bring vegetables or fruits home and wash them and eat them without washing. At any cost, you need to bring these things home and wash them with soap. Not only this, if you are also asking for packaged things, then disinfect their packet properly and eat it only after that.

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6. Wearing outside clothes and shoes at home

If you come from outside and wear those shoes and walk on the floor of the house, then you are taking a huge risk. Not only this, it is important to clean the clothes outside as well. There can be viruses on both these things which can infect you even after washing your hands. In such a situation, before entering the house, open the shoes outside and put the clothes directly in soapy water or washing machine. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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