GoAir is betting on ultra low cost models, company plans expansion

Aviation sector giant GoAir

Aviation sector giant GoAir

GoAir CEO Kaushik Khona said he was confident that the ULCC (Ultra Low Cost Carrier) model would create a growth path specific to GoAir.

New Delhi. The airline sector is battling a second wave of Coronavirus. Meanwhile, the budget airline GoAir network and plans to expand its fleet of aircraft. The airline is now going to wager on the aviation model of ultra low cost. GoAir is one of the few Indian airlines in the market that is making a profit.

Kaushik Khona, CEO of GoAir, said, “While the sector is facing some temporary problems, we at GoAir believe that the airline is in a unique position with its legacy ultra low cost structure. Because of this, we have always stood still. ”

Jeh Wadia was removed from the management of the company in March
In March, Jeh Wadia of the airline’s promoter family stepped down from the company’s management. The airline announced the promotion of Ben Baldanza to be appointed as Vice Chairman. Global Airline Professional Baldanza is credited with the recovery of Spirit Airlines in the US.The company is also raising funds for expansion

There are also discussions that GoAir is also raising funds for its expansion. Khona said he was confident that the ULCC (Ultra Low Cost Carrier) model would create a growth path specific to GoAir.

He said, “All this helps us to ease our operations and keep the total cost structure at a lower level. It requires a common skill set for pilots and engineering teams. ”Khona said that the Indian aviation market has not yet been fully exploited. He said that once the epidemic ends, there will be a huge demand for it.

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He said, “We cater to the demand of first time fliers and non-business class passengers in large numbers. We are seeing strong growth from small cities. People from these cities want to complete the journey in less time than the railways. Apart from this, the demand of people to spend holidays for a short time after the epidemic will also increase. ”

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