Ibn-e-Insha Famous Poem: A poem by Ibne Insha that will make your hair stand up

Ibn-e-Insha Famous Nazm: Ibn-e-Insha was a famous poet of Urdu language. In Ibn-e-Insha Sahab’s poetry you will find all the realities like Ishq, Mohabbat, or Satire. Ibn-e-Insha Saheb’s real name was Sher Muhammad Khan. Ibne Insha ji is famous works – in one of the couches of this colony, Chand Nagar, the world is round, the last book of Urdu. Ibn-e-Insha ji was from Phillaur in Jalandhar district of Punjab, which is now in Pakistan. Ibn-e-Insha made a special place in poetry. It is as if the soil smells good after the first rains in his poetry. The pain of laying in some of their poets can also be felt. Today we are presenting for you some very famous lions and poets of Ibn-e-Insha Sahab …
This Nazam is written by a drought-stricken, hungry child, poet.


What kind of child is this child

It is blackish, mattial
This child is hungry
This baby is dry
Whose baby is this baby
What kind of child is this child
Who sits alone on the sand
Neither does it have bread in its stomach
There is no cloth on its body
No hat on the head
No it has a shoe on its foot
No have a toy
There is a bear there is a horse
Not to entertain it
Koi lori hai koi jhula hai
Not in my pocket
No money in hand
Na ammi-abbu
No its cold
It is lonely in the whole world
What kind of child is this child


What is this friend
No there is cloud in this sahara
Na barkha in this sahara
Na there is bali in this sahara
Na kohra mein khosha[1] is
Na sahara mein saabza hai
Neither is this sahara

This bastard is the bane of hunger
This bastard is a bastard of death


How is this baby sitting
How long has this child been sitting
What does this kid ask
What does this kid say
What world is this world
Whose world is this world


In some pieces of this world
Somewhere flowers bloom, there is sabza
Where the clouds cloud
Somewhere there are glasses, there is a river
Somewhere the tall palaces are atria
Somewhere is fair, somewhere is fair
Somewhere in the clothing market
This is silk, this lamp[2] is
Somewhere the gallows are in the air
All wheat is paddy’s head
Someplace filled with riches
Yes copper is gold
Whatever you ask is present
You get what you want
In this world of hunger pangs
What kind of happiness is this dream?
They are pieces of which earth?
Which world is it a part of?


Adam we are sons
This is the son of that man
This adam is the same adam
Is she blonde or black
This earth is the same earth
This world is one world
All are bound by one donor
One is the giver of all the people
No east-west difference
Everyone’s right on this earth


This lonely baby poor
This kid who is sitting here
This child has no appetite
{What’s hard, maybe)
This baby got milk somewhere
(Yes, milk is a lot here)
Dress this baby
(Did the clothes break here[3] is ?)
Have this baby on someone’s lap
(Man who is still alive)
Then see how the baby is
What a cute baby


Everything in this world is of God
Everyone belongs to God
All are mine no one
Everything is shared in everything
That grows, which rises
Is he a pimple, or a nuts
Which is the cloth, which is the blanket
Which is silver, which is gold
That’s all of this kid
Which is yours, which is mine

Whose child is this child?
This child is everyone’s child

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