increase immunity in children with the help of these natural methods to avoid coronavirus pur

Immunity In Kids: In view of the increasing cases of Corona across the country, people are in serious concern. At the same time, parents of children from elders are also very worried. In fact, in this second wave of Corona, youngsters and children are getting more vulnerable. Children are constantly exposed to various types of viruses. Children with low immunity are highly vulnerable to various types of infections. To protect children from these diseases, it is necessary to strengthen their immune system. Let us tell you how you can increase the immunity of children with the help of natural methods.

Give healthy diet to children
A balanced diet of all essentials such as protein, minerals, vitamins, micronutrients and unsaturated fats is healthy, which helps to increase immunity in children to fight various infections or diseases. Citrus fruits, carrots, green leafy vegetables, beans, strawberries, yogurt, garlic and ginger help to increase immunity.

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Due to lack of sleep, the immune system is not able to function properly, which increases the risk of infection in children. A lot of sleep is necessary to keep the body healthy. It also removes tiredness from the body and keeps energy up.

Help prevent infection in children before and after eating, after play, after touching pets, after cleaning their nose, after using toilets, and by adopting hand hygiene when coming home from daycare Meets

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Herbal supplements
Make sure the children consume herbal items. The children should definitely take basil, amla, honey, black pepper. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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