Keep these things in mind to keep the oxygen cylinder running for more days

With the help of these tips, the oxygen cylinder will run longer.  Image / shutterstock

With the help of these tips, the oxygen cylinder will run longer. Image / shutterstock

In view of the oxygen shortage that is taking place across the country during the period of Corona, it is important to pay attention to those things so that the oxygen cylinder can run for a long time.

Corona cases are increasing everyday (Corona cases are increasing everyday) The situation is that there are no beds in hospitals. Due to which people are also forced to treat critically ill patients at home. The lack of oxygen on him has made people even more upset. Oxygen deficiency in hospitals is being seen in hospitals across the country. In such a situation, this is just a way that oxygen can be saved in some way. Some tips to protect it MBBS, MD, Doctor Kamna Kakkar Has given through his Twitter handle. You also know.

Keep oxygen levels between 88 and 92

According to Dr. Kamna Kakkar, keep in mind that the oxygen level should be kept between 88 and 92. Also, do not bother to keep the finger pulse rate at 100%. This will make the oxygen cylinder last longer.

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Fit oxygen face mask on face

Also keep in mind that the oxygen face mask of the patient fits well on the face. The mask should not be loose at all on the nose or cheek. Use the same mask that can fit well on the face of the patient. For the mask to be sealed on the nose, press the metal clip near the nose. Tie the string well so that there is no space left from the side of the cheek. This will also make the oxygen cylinder last longer.

Keep an eye on these signs of danger

Along with this, you will also need to keep an eye on these signs of danger, so that you will know that the patient is in danger and need to go to the hospital immediately. Despite being given oxygen, if the patient is having trouble, the lips and tongue are getting dark, the patient is feeling faint or the patient is having difficulty in eating and drinking anything.

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Do this to keep your oxygen level good

Doctor Kamna Kakkar has also shared a way to keep oxygen level better. According to him, to keep your oxygen level better during this phase of corona, you should use prone positioning. First have breakfast and then lie on your back for 2 hours. Then after that lie on your stomach for 2 hours. If you get tired in the middle, then lie down on your side. After this have lunch and repeat the same process. The more you lie on your stomach, the better it will be.

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