Koena Mitra Revealed About Surgery – My face was swollen and filled with water.

Koena Mitra gained stardom with the song 'Saki Saki' from the movie 'Musafir' (Photo courtesy: Instagram / Koena Mitra)

Koena Mitra gained stardom with the song ‘Saki Saki’ from the movie ‘Musafir’ (Photo courtesy: Instagram / Koena Mitra)

Koena Mitra told in an interview about what happened to his face after the surgery and what he had to suffer due to this.

New Delhi Koena Mitra is one of the few actresses who had a bad impact on the surgery. Due to this, his face was worse. The actress recently talked about her surgery and told where the mess was. The actress had to suffer a lot due to this surgery. Koena Mitra got stardom with the song ‘Saki Saki’ from the movie ‘Musafir’. When she was seen in ‘Bigg Boss 13’, she was still in the limelight due to her surgery. Koena Mitra underwent correction surgery, which is called Rhinoplasty. However, Koena’s surgery worsened and she had to face its very bad side effects.

In an interview to Zoom TV, Koena Mitra had said, ‘My cheekbones had a bad effect. He was badly swollen and his face was flooded. It made my face look very strange and ugly. Everyone started to feel that there was a problem in the surgery. But my body’s reaction to surgery was wrong. The surgery was not wrong. This was not a major implant surgery. There was correction surgery, but my body reacted differently. My first experience was, so I did not know how the body would react.

(Photo courtesy: Instagram / Koena Mitra)

Later, strange things were in the news about Koena Mitra’s surgery. Koena Mitra was saddened by these things. The actress was sad that people started spreading strange things about her surgery without knowing anything. She adds, ‘Nothing wrong had happened. Many people fall behind and start making things, without knowing or examining anything. At that time, I was very young, so I did a thorough examination of how my body would react before undergoing surgery. Rhinoplasty is not a big deal. This is very common and you can find out about it from a doctor as well. They will tell you that not only the actors, people from other fields also get this surgery done.

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