Ramadan Recipe/Mutton Shami Kebab

Ramadan Recipe/Mutton Shami Kebab: The holy month of Ramadan is going on. In such a situation, something is made every day which is wonderful in flavor and which everyone should eat with pleasure. In such a situation, what to say about mutton shami kebabs. Their flavor increases appetite. So this time you can choose the option of Mutton Shami Kebab in Iftar. On seeing this, we feel so much excited that on seeing this, water starts coming in the mouth. Mutton Shami Kebab is a lowly dish (Dish). This is an easy-to-make recipe, which is prepared from mutton, spices and gram dal. Let’s know the easy way to make it.

Ingredients for making mutton shami kebabs
500 grams Mutton Mince
1/2 cup chickpea lentils
Half a teaspoon garam masala
Salt flavored
Four green chillies finely chopped
Coriander finely chopped
A finely chopped onion
One inch piece of ginger
Four garlic cloves

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Method of making Mutton Shami Kebab
First put mutton, all spices, lentils and water in the pressure cooker and keep it for cooking. Add salt as well. Add enough water to it to melt the lentils. Also do not add green chili and green coriander. While the mutton is cooking, put some oil in a pan and cook it and keep it in a separate vessel. This oil will be used to cook Shami kebabs. Open it after one or two whistles and mix it well. If there is water left in it, then cook the mutton mince until all the water is dry. Now grind it and add chopped coriander leaves, finely chopped onions and green chilies. When its paste is ready. So make a tikki.

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Now heat the pan and add tikki to it. Then to roast the tikkis, put a spoonful of pre-cooked oil and roast it from both the sides. Fry the kebabs in the pan until they turn golden brown. Now remove them on tissue paper, so that the extra oil comes out and serve hot iftar.

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