SBI Alert! Be careful if you get a call in the name of life saving medicine, the account does not become empty after payment

New Delhi: In the second wave of fast-spreading Corona, cases of fraud are also increasing rapidly. The country’s largest state-run bank SBI (State Bank of India) has alerted 44 crore customers. SBI has given information about this by tweeting. The bank has told people through tweet that the fraudsters are cheating bank customers through life saving and other drugs.

Let us tell you that in the midst of a fast spreading epidemic, digital transactions have increased considerably. In such a situation, there is a lot of speed in the cases of fraud. Even before this, the bank has warned customers many times that customers should not share any of their details with any unknown call.

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SBI tweetedThe State Bank has written in the tweet that before making payment, please be sure to confirm the correctness of the beneficiary you are working with. Fraudsters are adopting new methods to cheat customers.

Do not share your details
Tell that the bank keeps alerting you from time to time that do not share your PIN, CVV, OTP and ATM number with anyone. By doing this you can avoid being a victim of fraud. Fraudsters are trying to lure people by giving them life-saving and other medicines to transfer money to their bank account.

Never save these numbers in the phone
The bank has said that even after dragging the bank account number, password, ATM card number or picture of it, there is a risk of your information being leaked. With this, your account can also be completely empty.

Do not share ATM card with anyone
Apart from this, customers should not share their ATM card with anyone else. By doing this information of your card can be leaked and anyone can easily fraud with you.

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Do not use public internet
According to the State Bank, all the customers of the country should take care that you do not use public internet to transact money. There is always a fear of leaking your personal information in it.

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