Take care of silk sarees in this way

The folds of silk sarees change from time to time- Image credit / (Mandira Bedi / Instagram)

The folds of silk sarees change from time to time- Image credit / (Mandira Bedi / Instagram)

Wearing silk saree is as easy as taking care of it (Difficult to take care).

Sarees will be available in women’s wardrobe with lots and lots of different fabrics, but for a special occasion, they first choose a silk sari to wear. Actually, the fashion of wearing silk sarees is not old in any period. But the price and beauty of silk sarees are as special as it is to be looked after. Even a little carelessness in their maintenance can spoil the beauty of expensive saris in an instant. Let us know what things should be kept in the maintenance of silk sarees, so that their shine and beauty can last for years.

Do not hang in the hanger for long

Never keep silk saris in the hanger for a long time. By doing this, there can be twist marks in the sarees. If you have to hang in the hangar for a few days, then use a plastic hanger instead of iron and keep changing its fold in two to four days.

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Do not keep in cupboard immediately after venting

Whenever you wear a silk sari on any occasion, when it is to be removed, do not keep it in the cupboard immediately after taking it off. Open the saree and keep it in a clean place in the fan air for a while, so that sweat or any moisture will not remain in the saree. Otherwise, the sari can be bad and it may get marked.

Get dry clean after wear

Whenever you wear a silk sari, make sure to dry it before putting it back in the cupboard. So that its brightness will remain for a long time and it will look like new. Never make the mistake of washing these sarees at home.

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Always wrap in cotton cloth or paper

Always wrap the sari in a cotton cloth or keep it in a cotton sari. If there is no cotton sari or cloth, you can wrap these saris in khaki paper.

Change the fold from time to time

Never leave silk saris in the same position. From time to time, open the sari and keep changing its fold. Due to this, the sari will remain weak at the bottom of the place and will not be torn quickly.

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