Uttarakhand Corona News: If there is black marketing of oxygen or Remedisvir in Uttarakhand, give information on 9411112780, Police will take action

The Uttarakhand Police has issued a mobile number to nab those who blacklist drugs and oxygen.

The Uttarakhand Police has issued a mobile number to nab those who blacklist drugs and oxygen.

Uttarakhand Corona News: Uttarakhand Police has issued a mobile number to stop black marketing of oxygen and drugs in the state. People can register complaints on this number through 9411112780 WhatsApp.

Dehradun. The police has once again come forward to treat corona patients in Uttarakhand, just like last year. The Uttarakhand Police has released a mobile number to stop the black marketing of oxygen cylinders along with Remadecivir injection and other life-saving drugs used in the treatment of Kovid-19. By calling this mobile number, you can get the black marketers of drugs caught by the police.

Director General of Police, Ashok Kumar said that this mobile number has been issued for effective action on black marketing of drugs and oxygen cylinders used in the treatment of Kovid-19 amidst the growing infection of Corona. He said that people can register complaints through WhatsApp on mobile number 9411112780. The Director General appealed to the people and said that the information about black cylinder of oxygen cylinders and life saving drugs should be conveyed to us. The name and identity of those giving information will be kept confidential.

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Please tell that on Saturday, five thousand new cases of corona infection have been found in Uttarakhand. Five thousand positive cases in one day is the largest figure till date in Uttarakhand. There have also been 81 deaths in the state on Saturday. In Uttarakhand, the figures are increasing every day. At the same time, hospitals are also overloaded. By 6:30 pm in AIIMS Rishikesh, 19 out of twenty beds with no oxygen were full. Out of 300 oxygen-rich beds, only 41 beds were empty, while out of 70 ICU beds, 55 beds were full.

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