World Malaria Day 2021 kow about the symptoms of malaria and home remedies to avoid it pur

World Malaria Day 2021: Malaria fever is a type of infectious disease caused by mosquitoes, which is caused by the bite of female anopheles mosquito. A special type of bacteria is found in this female mosquito which is known as Plasmodium in the medical language. People suffering from this disease are hardly aware that there are 5 species of bacteria in this female mosquito that spreads malaria. By the bite of this mosquito, a bacterium called Plasmodium enters the body of the person, after which it reaches into the patient’s body and increases it manifold. This bacterium infects the liver and blood cells and makes a person sick. This disease can also be fatal if not treated in time. Today, on World Malaria Day, let us tell you about the symptoms of malaria and the home remedies to avoid it.

symptoms of malaria

Symptoms of severe malaria include fever and chills.
– Fever, headache and vomiting – Severe sweating and fatigue when fever subsides.

-Shortness of breath
-respiratory distress
– Symptoms of abnormal bleeding and anemia and jaundice are included.

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Home remedies to prevent malaria

– Frozen water is the best place for mosquitoes to flourish.

To avoid malaria, do not let the broken pot, tires, water accumulate in the cooler.

Sleep in a mosquito net and put insecticide on the walls of the house.

Lavender oil mixed with citronella and eucalyptus oil is used as a spray. You can use the liquid by putting it in refill.

-The neem leaves can be reduced to the terror of mosquito mosquitoes.

Apart from preventing digestion and gas, celery or carom seeds can also be used to fight mosquitoes.

Mix handful of celery seeds in mustard oil. The strong aroma of celery and mustard helps keep mosquitoes away.

-The mosquitoes cannot bear the smell of garlic. Garlic has larvicidal properties, which are known to keep mosquitoes away. Crush some garlic cloves and boil it in water for a while. Spray it around your house.

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– Plant marigold plant in your house. The fragrance of marigold flowers will keep your home full of fragrance and mosquitoes will not come.

To avoid mosquitoes, burn a cup of camphor and keep it in the corner of the room. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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