PayNearby aims to handhold 10 crore citizens for Covid 19 vaccine registration from kirana stores varpat

The country is preparing for the third phase of the world's largest vaccination campaign.  (File photo)

The country is preparing for the third phase of the world’s largest vaccination campaign. (File photo)

Vaccination program: Fintech company Pennearby (PayNearby) has introduced a Covin Registration Module within its app, which will help local people towards registering Pioneerbai’s digital heads for the vaccination process.

New Delhi. The country is preparing for the third phase of the largest vaccination program in the world and now it is available to all people above 18 years of age. Meanwhile, the country’s leading branchless banking and digital payment network PenierBai (PayNearby) has plans to leverage its wide delivery network. This scheme has been made for the convenience of the citizens who enroll for the vaccination program. Under this, more than 1.5 million retail touch points of PenierBai in more than 17,500 PIN code areas across the country will work to create community awareness about Kovid vaccination and help citizens to overcome technology and language barriers. Along with this, Kovin will also help them in making the registration easy on the app. This step is in line with the steps taken by the government to increase the pace of vaccination in the country. Information about this has been released by PayNearby. Vaccination is necessary The second wave of Kovid-19 has gripped the country and everyone needs to be vaccinated as soon as possible to overcome this epidemic. The government has completely banned the walk-in process at the vaccination centers and made it mandatory for those aged 18–44 years from May 1, 2021 to have a cowin portal or Arogya Setu. Register yourself at However, even today in the majority of the population, especially semi-urban and rural India, many people do not have enough technical understanding to successfully register themselves through smartphones or websites. In addition, language barriers also constitute a major hindrance, which can hamper the registration process. Also read- Customers of SBI, PNB and ICICI must pay attention .. Do not forget this mistake, or else all the money will be withdrawn from the account.How to register To overcome this challenge, PenierBai has introduced a Covin Registration Module within its Trade App, which will enable PenierBai’s digital leaders to assist local communities in registering for the vaccination process. Not only will the vaccination program speed up the process of easy access to the Kovin app via single click through the PenierBai app, but it will also help in solving language and technical barriers for the people. The module will include content sending messages related to the importance of vaccination to destroy coronoviruses and thus help to raise community awareness on a larger scale for the program. With this initiative, PenierBai aims to register 100 million citizens Have to do, especially in semi-urban and rural India. Vaccination awareness
Digital heads serving the country with essential financial services during the pandemic will make double-speed efforts to create vaccination awareness in their local communities, and give them complete information about the registration process. This effort will speed up this entire process and thereby reduce the clutter and congestion at the vaccination centers through the pre-booked appointment slots. Also read- Submit Rs 5000 here in the name of children, you will get 30 lakhs as soon as you get an adult, know how? What did the fintech company say Anand Kumar Bajaj, Founder, MD and CEO of Penierbai said, Anand Kumar Bajaj, the founder, said, “At this moment, while the entire country is facing the worst phase of the epidemic, it is Pennybai’s humble effort to make every citizen Vaccination can be done as soon as possible. We believe that by providing vaccines to everyone at a rapid pace, we can stop the wave of Kovid and we look forward to working dedicatedly to speed up this process through our digital head network.

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